I don't think i've overslept more than an hour in years, but today i managed to surface at 14:30! Sheesh, forgive my absence this morning folks, soon as i've sorted some stuff out i'll be around again...


Gracie is 2 and Sam is 6

Gracie is 2 and Sam is 6 months - I'd just settle for sleep in general ;)

Sid Meier's Civilization

I see IV is out. That'll do it.

No :) Robyn goes to daycare

No :)

Robyn goes to daycare now, and loves it! She leaves b4 i get up, and her and Ivana wont be back till after swimming today at around 6:30 so im all alone

Usually im up by eight, but man, i needed to sleep, woke up with sam (the smaller dog) telling me it was time to get up and play - the little darling had been sick on the floor aswell so it was real fun getting up this afternoon heh..

Oversleeping with kids in

Oversleeping with kids in the house I didn't know that was possible...

Gotta be a reason for this, Nick...