It's Official - Jagger Retires


Matt Cutts reports that Jagger 3 is coming to an end. The results of Jagger 3 have been available since 4th Novemeber here:

Q: Is the update winding down?
A: It’s starting to. Recall that all of Jagger1/2/3 are separate changes. Jagger1 and 2 are done, and you can see what Jagger3 will look like at The results seen here will be rolled out over time.

I think Google have handled the PR (that's Public Relations not Pretend Rank) of this update pretty well. It's nice for that they've kept the wider SEO community informed of there plans. If only they were this nice to Webmasters all the time. We live in hope...


cool ...

looks like me and matt are even i lost one he lost one ... lol


hehehe :) I actually like

hehehe :)

I actually like this update - something must be wrong! Who knew doing only content-driven sites would make all the difference?


That is telling. Still working out what it is telling, but telling nonetheless.

looks like me and matt are

looks like me and matt are even i lost one he lost one ... lol

Dave, can you explain it? I saw the matt cutts vs. thing on your site, but why is it happening? Care to enlighten us, or would that people too much info on how to spam?

Danny is writing ..

Danny is writing a whole article on it has we speak lol ... He's better with words than me ;)


You mean: "...than I am"

Sorry Dave, couldn't resist (haven't trolled for a while) ;-]

Can't wait to read that stuff. I have my own reasons for watching this J3 thing...

Google Rain

I'd just about forgotten how much traffic google is capable of sending until this update. Seeing google .ca and .uk breathing down the necks of yahoo and msn .coms for referral numbers is a dimly remembered pleasure.

my domain as search

I think that pre-dates Jagger; I've known about that for a while, so I don't think it's Jagger-specific.

One thing I've really liked about starting my own site is the ability to explore potential glitches while being able to know every side of things. Some stuff gets fixed (e.g. the bacon polenta thing is working better now). Some things I haven't fixed on purpose ( vs. to see how it works. It's been a good experience.

Saw Googlebot in action and snapped picture.

We saw Googlebot in action during the update, and snapped this picture of him raising one site, and squashing another.

Matt - Do many of the other

Matt -

Do many of the other key search engineers run personal sites to get the "everyman's" feel of the Internet? I think you've probably learned quite a bit in this process and I think your peers and Google users as a whole would benefit from more outside-of-the-walls experiences being brought to internal discussions.

I guess I ask because I just got done doing a huge consulting gig with a sizeable .gov agency who asked me some questions that I think all of us on both sides of the SEO/SEM community take for granted with years of tunnel vision behind us. All of us want these kinds of organizations to jump right into the 'net and make search marketing a priority, but now they feel like they need something like a compliance officer to make it worth their while.

I think I'll probably expand on this "SEO/SEM Consultant is now a compliance officer" thought in my blog, but that trip back East was kind of a Jerry Maguire moment for me. :)

the bacon polenta thing is

the bacon polenta thing is working better now

You gotta be kidding me? You figured out how to beat the cloaking but that is not a SERP that is indicative of quality or relevancy. The top SERPS aren't really about bacon polenta anymore than me putting on a dress and saying I'm a Miss America Candidate. There is one recipie for bacon polenta, the rest are about bacon polenta in a marginaly tangental manor. To use a line from Joan Cusac "sometimes I sing and dance around my apartment in my underwear doesn't make me Madonna ... never will"

Hi Matt

Sorry always to raise glitches - but yes, you are right, you did mention one of the ideas of the site was to explore potential glitches.

I would be very intrested in your findings for this one as I have had a problem with my homepage while the rest of the site seems fine for a while now.

EG - Homepage never/rarely gets crawled, PR has disappeared on that Homepage. However, internal pages continue to be crawled.

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