Mac Attacks, Hey Bill, Take That!


Fast Company reports on Mac's growing market share, and how the OS has made good progress in taking more of Windows' market share. The growth is attributed primarily to the success of the iPod. From Fast Company:

Wall Street analyst Charles Wolf of Needham & Co. has gotten Apple enthusiasts talking with a recent report suggesting that 1 million Windows users switched to Macs in the last year. The analyst points to the success of iPod as the driving factor. Others have suggested that Windows' poor security and its susceptibility to viruses and spyware are responsible for all of the switching.

Will be interesting to see if this trend can continue even if the iPod loses momentum.


well you don't need a mac to

well you don't need a mac to use an ipod so I really don't see how that's really a driving factor but I'm not an analyst ;)

Is this some sort of produce joke?

Mac attacks.....when apples go bad.

iPod = Pot

Well if you believe in the theory of gateway drugs, you could compare the iPod to pot. Once you get hooked on the iPod buzz, you just have to have the full Apple high ;)

With the upcoming launch of x86 based Macs, that fix is about to get a lot cheaper too.

I like my Ipod despite some

I like my Ipod despite some of the controls that I feel are quirky but I really hate the Itunes program. My feelings about my IPod or Itunes don't really have any bearing on my choice of OS.

the more of those sexy

the more of those sexy silver laptops i see, the more i want one... there's your answer!

here in oz apple product

here in oz apple product placement (esp. those shiny laptops) everywhere on TV


1 million? Only a million?

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