Google and ThomasNet industrial survey results


This just published survey conducted by Google and ThomasNet (which I shall try to get a copy of and link to here) is showing that the vast B2B industrial market is not really serving their users.

Although the survey of 900 industrial purchasers found that the industrial buyers are increasingly turning to the Internet and bypassing offline sources when searching for products and services, the users are left wanting.

-- 70% of buyers expect to find detailed information on product applications and uses, but only half of all sellers' sites (53%) provide it

-- 58% seek computer-aided design (CAD) drawings and plans, but only a minuscule 13% of sellers make them available online

-- 74% expect to find product prices, but only 23% of company websites offer them

-- 67% want to see shipping information and costs, but fewer than 17% of suppliers provide this on their sites

What is interesting with this survey is that although the consumer type shopping sites are supplying more and more information on the products including user-generated content like reviews of stores and products the industrial world is a long way behind serving their users.

DisclosureI have to disclose that I do some work for ThomasNet and I get some adsense cash from Google.


Copy of the Survey Results

Do you have any idea of where I can get a copy of the results of the survey?

Working on it Bill.

Working on it Bill. - I'll shout louder.

PDF Available Next Week

A PDF of the white paper will be available next week.

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