The Digg Effect


Old timers know about the Slashdot Effect. However since we're firmly in bubble 2.0 now it's cool to experience the Digg effect. Like any other method for driving traffic some SEO's start thinking about how to game the system.

Many webmasters try to manipulate digg in order to gain traffic. Others fear that digg will eat up massive amounts of bandwidth and crash their servers. Having experienced both the slashdot effect (aka "being slashdotted") and the digg effect, we wanted to share what we have learned from these experiences.

One of my blog posts had 38 'diggs', it didn't bring in ahuge amount of traffic, but it did bring some. However I think digg is really great tool for promoting link bait.


One of my site had a top frontpage spot on digg for a while

The traffic flux is tremendous but very brief, and it didn't monetize very well using AdSense. I wonder if with SmartPricing the digg effect could actually lose you money?

A post I made on a Google

A post I made on a Google Talk Video Chat Plug-in was Dugg. It sat on the main Digg index page for one day, then slowly made its way to Digg Index 3.

My referrals for the week: (on a Sunday) : 1998 : 587 : 226 : 172

Total : 2982 referrals from a story Dugg 484 times.

If it were first Dugg on the main index on a weekday, I'd expect numbers to be doubled.

I'm Diggin' Digg.

Digg and Delicious

The two 'Web 2.0' traffic builders are, imo, Digg and Delicious (getting on to I've had pages make it on to both the main page of Digg (getting very similar results to lorenbaker) and onto

The main difference between these two is that digg gives you tons of hits, from their site, for about a day - but that's it. Delicious, on the other hand, gives you a TON of hits through people reading RSS feeds. The result is really cool.

1) I post a link
2) People who read the tag pages of, or other people, see my link and link to it.
3) Enough people link to it to get it on to the popular page.
4) TONS of people read the popular in their feed readers.
5) Go back to number 2

But here is where it gets different:
- A lot of people dump their links, every night, to their web log - this means that you get a lot of link backs to your site. So you PR goes up, your Technorati rank goes up, your PubSub rank, etc. etc. (plus giving you even more traffic)

The Digg effect is cool, but nothing can match the 'splash benefits' of

Yep I was impressed. 687

Yep I was impressed. 687 diggs on our domain offer. Brought in about 5210 from the front page and 2500 from other Digg pages. (Figures for Sat 01). Heh - then of course the server went with all the people filling out the forms

Bugger. :D

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