Google: Phone Numbers in Results and Better Precision


It seems "Update Jagger" brings better precision as well as news from the Google User Interface Experimental Department. Last things first: The search [boeing 727] has the following in the SERPS:

Phonebook results for boeing 727
Donald W Boeing, (727) 846-8585, 4540 Slippery Rock Rd, New Port Richey, FL 34653 Google Maps Yahoo! Maps MapQuest
Walton Boeing, (727) 847-4487, 4377 Summersun Dr, New Port Richey, FL 34652 Google Maps Yahoo! Maps MapQuest


1) How both phone numbers start with 727, and
2) That Google links to Yahoo maps as well as Mapquest

Below this there are three pictures of the aeroplane, and then the right product page at as organic result #1. (screenshot)

Better precision:

The right product page being on page one (here as #1) is the greatest change I'm personally seeing with "update Jagger". Boeing 727 is not a very competitive phrase, but try searching, eg. for nokia 3650 and note how the first results are not affiliate sites.



The increasing accuracy is evident in some hotel searches - the ones I've looked for in York are actually giving the hotel's website top, rather than affiliates.

Google's poor hotel SERPs in particular have been criticised by some of my none-techy friends.

I remember a while ago when

I remember a while ago when you searched for [denise austin] the fitness personality, the first result was Denise in Austin Texas, but they seemed to have cleaned that one up.

The Nokia serp is typical of a lot of SERPS I'm seeing, and don't worry Amazon is listed right there at number 10. Haven't gotten to analyze how they are pickinging out the aff's yet, waiting for the last jagger to make it's way out.

good hotel websites?

Last I looked there were few properly built hotel websites. I have always been able to explain away the hotel serps that way. Flash still doesn't rank well, especially flash nav.

Maybe they have improved enough to avoid dropping out?

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