MSN Penis Search?


msn penis searchLost your penis? Looked down the back of the sofa, been calling for the little fella all morning but no sign of him? Don't worry, MSN Search will help you, they've even been helpful enough to take out sponsored listings in order to help you. Isn't that nice?

Thanks to Paul Mutton for the find :)


dongsheng plumping?

is that like botox for your dongsheng? Amazing what they can do with surgery nowadays.....

You sort of wonder why Paul Mutton..

..needed to be reearching "penis" in the first place.

That link says "Intershot Ltd specialises in product, media, wedding and event photography"

haha! He said it was a

haha! He said it was a totally unrelated term he was searching for, but then he would eh? :)


MSN seem very cocksure that their advertising works well, dont they :-)


SE Willy-waving ;O)


Adam unzipped similar coverage quite a while back.

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