Google's Next Buy


The Motley Fool is running a speculative story on what Google could/should buy next. They start with the premise that Google must have had a game plan with their share offering in mid September. They believe that it was a mistake for G not to have bought Skype, and they will not want to make the same mistake again. If nothing else it shows you who the hot stock are.

They list possible options as
1. TiVo
2. CNet
3. AOL
4. iVillage
5. The Knot

Ex Aol (difficult to price for a number of given reasons), the other 4 would cost around $3 billion.

Also mentioned are the private companies Craigslist, StubHub, Wikipedia, and Vonage


For reference, here's a list

For reference, here's a list of historical google acquisitions. based on that list and the nature of google overall i'd be surprised to see them make an acquisition that was not specifically for technology they do not currently possess.

IMO there is a slim chance

IMO there is a slim chance Google will buy pure content companies ,so CNET/ iVillage/Knot are out of question.

TiVo would be the perfect platform for Google to enter the television ad market. Hmm ,Lets wait and see...



TiVo Trust me on this


Trust me on this

So I should buy

So I should buy stock in TIVO? What about Comcast's DVR? It records HDTV. If Google and Comcast cozy up with an AOL deal, would Google want to piss them off by taking on TIVO?

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