Which Blog Software?


Following on from Chris' excellent Which feed reader? thread, let's talk about blog software eh?

I've been talking with Chris about this today and we're trying to put a list together of the most popular blog software that you can host yourself. So far we've come up with:

So, have we got them all? I thought you could host blogger.com blog yourself no?

What do you use, and why?
Come on then, battle of the blog software, it's like the great OS battles :) Drupal vs CommunityServer, MovableType vs Wordpress

What are you using?



I am a Microsoft-boy so am using DasBlog for my personal blog and an old version of CommunityServer for my brothers Goth community site. Liking both but am going to have to move my personal site as it is a bodged install and keeps barfing. Probably going to attempt Drupal I reckon..


Wordpress all the way. Free, easy, complete.


Like my faithful Mac, it *just* works. Easy setup and lots of templates to choose from. I've tried Drupal, but found it to be slow. I love Wordpress.

Im not sure why it is, but i

Im not sure why it is, but i have this feeling, which probably just means that i've seen it enough times without properly noticing, that girls tend toward WP and boys to MT

doesn't apply across the board of course, but i have this feeling there is a marked tendency for girls and wordpress

lifetype! the answer to my

lifetype! the answer to my prayers.


I started out years ago with greymatter and it was great back in the day but it just didn't add features like the others.

Now I've been on MT for a year or two and its ok although I think its kind of slow and I wish they would improve the tools to combat comment spam.

Well you all know what i

Well you all know what i use, and i have to say, that as a platform for just about anything short of full on ecom, i recommened Drupal.

As a blogging platform it rocks, but it's not for those afraid to get their hands dirty.

I've heard of a few others finding it slow, and can only put it down to something in the server setup maybe, it is a little resource intensive appearently, but for me it's always been lightening fast provided you dont enable trackback..

Off topic BUT

What about a thread devoted to wiki software or services...

You can host blogger on your server - sorta

You can host blogger on your server - sorta. Blogger will ftp (static pages) to your server, but all the admin functions and database are on blogger's site. I have a couple sites on blogger, but I wouldn't do it again, because when blogger's server is slow or on the fritz, you're screwed.

I like and use WP (and I'm a guy), plus I use Drupal too.


Good discussion on wikis

Good discussion on wikis here - from March, but still relevant...

ExpressionEngine - love it.

ExpressionEngine - love it.

pmachine? same thing

pmachine? same thing right?

heard good things about that, its quite mature software now i think...

Started as PMachine

PMachine is now free software. ExpressionEngine is the fancy upgraded version. It has lots of great features...many of them that I don't need, but am glad are there. Their support has been really good too. It's a bit fussy for people who want something like Blogger, where it takes about five minutes to set up a blog, but it's nice for those of us who want more control.

Mambo missing?

Not a blog per-se but can certainly be used as such and I can install it about as fast we WordPress.

I developed my own

I'd probably call it a CMS rather than blog software, but it certaintly can be used for blogging. What I think makes it different:

- Builds totally static pages (similar to the way Blogger -> FTP works) but still mass customisable / dynamic in a CMS fashion
- Search engine optimised/friendly url structure for the entire site
- Allows for for rigid template structured with reusable "blocks," down to totally free-style pages
- Uses a node structure for the entire site inspired by the W3 DOM object system
- Every page not matter what template type/content has feed by design
- infinite hierarchies
- Every node (page) can have multiple alternative templates (this can include WAP, RSS, Atom, Printer friendly, etc)
- AJAX based backened for editing/deleting/adding any type of content / post / etc
- Sitemaps auto generated
- no sql queries whatsoever, ever
- auto backup mechanism -- the entire site is back up every 45 minutes
- each template is represent by a simple php class which defines the content elements allowing for a AJAX GUI to be automatically constructed for the page type
- highly portable because lack of sql database dependency

It still has some major essential feature omissions, and some serious bugs, but after they're sorted I plan to package it as an entire CMS and/or blog software

The problem with static pages...

Is that you can't imbed dynamic advertising in them that Norton Utilities and other such monstrosities can't detect and block which is why I'm still 100% dynamic.

Yeah, i fail to see any

Yeah, i fail to see any reasonable reason to have static pages. I've not seen any decent argument for them in 3-4yrs now.

RC will be along to point out the error of my ways no doubt, it's an argument we've been having for some years now heh..

Re:Yeah, i fail to see any reasonable reason to have static page

If you're talking from an SEO perspective I would agree.

The reason I prefer to use generated static pages whenever possible instead of database driven ones is simply matter of minimising overhead and complexity so things like this don't happen. ;)


I've got some popcorn popping for this exchange.

MT all the way. I find it's

MT all the way. I find it's a lot easier to custom hack the templates than with Wordpress or Nucleus.

Although, I think the discussion is somewhat limiting because it excludes Typepad -- IMHO Typepad ROCKS. I host over 40 blogs there...


but I am still looking. Tried mt didn't like it, tried drupal, not enought time to get my hands dirty and keep washing them.

I wish some really good arty type people would do some really cool themes (if you are interested get in touch PLEASE). Although there are hundreds I really only like one, and its not one I use.

I may have a look at others this weekend if I have time.

P.S. Nice to see GridIron has sobered up.

it's not for those afraid to get their hands dirty

As a blogging platform it rocks, but it's not for those afraid to get their hands dirty.

and you're telling me this NOW ???

I use drupal for My Blog (don't bother unless you know some Hebrew).
To me Drupal is more of a Main Frame than a Blog software, endless features and modules,
which makes me feel a bit lost sometimes. On top of the stupid right to left language issues, implementing features may turn *tricky* and the job is still far from done.

I wouldn't recommend it to someone with zero code knowledge,
Drupal got a good Dev community, lots of advantages and great potential if you have the basic knowledge + time.

If you want drupal but got no intention to voluntarily contact dirt there's another solution -
bryght, BUT - it's hosted...

WP - seems like my next project, I saw some good translations too.


Very simple blog script for people who don't want to waste much time when posting. Also creates good code and se frienndly url's. It just a simple Blog, nothign else, no plugins just a blog.



Just jumping into the blogsphere. What about displaying adsense?

I can make blogger do some

I can make blogger do some damn amazing things when I want to however it really lacked some admin utilities. I've done about a half dozen wordpress installs and can get one running, and all my plugins onfigured in less than 30 minutes. Mucking with the templates is bit like spreading peanut butter with a spoon instead of a knife.

Incredibill you may find this CSS image hack on banner ads interesting:

Roll your own

No self-respecting programmer would run any pre-packaged blog so I, like many other, rolled my own.

People say that writing blog software is easy. Well, it is and it isn't. Dumping text into a database and spewing it out in reverse order at the other end is easy. Writing something that you can use easily, not to mention things like theming, extensibility and the like, is difficult. Making something that anyone at all can pick up and use, yet offers features for the most advanced hackers, it no small task. Remember, even hardcore hackers like the ability to not have to edit posts with sql statements.

The software I'm currently piecing together is what I hope to be a serious rival to Wordpress. Having written a WP plugin, I've seen the code is a mess and needs a proper doing-over from the ground up. My version supports Smarty templating, full XML support, rewriting customisation, command-line client, pluggable text conversion filters, object-oriented plugin architecture, and compatability with WP themes and plugins. Or, it will do. It is a lot to do, and as soon as I reach any release I'm gonna be open-sourcing it. I think some of it will be better served by advice from others. Still, it's nice and OOP and importantly MINE :-)

Hm that sounded a lot like an advert, sorry about that but it's late and I'm very tired.

CivicSpace, a Drupal

CivicSpace, a Drupal offshoot - Still not entirely sure what the exact differences are but they've both gotta be the most comprehensive blog-cum-CMS freely available.

Getting your head around taxonomies is a brain-wrecker at first.

I am neither

No self-respecting programmer...

I am neither one of those things, so it's Movable Type for me. The templates are very easy to optimize, although I'm comparing it to Blogger.

I am, however, considering shutting down trackbacks entirely. Such a headache to clean them out... But I learn so many new phrases that I wouldn't otherwise.

...girls tend toward WP and

...girls tend toward WP and boys to MT...

So I'm a girl now! :P

>>repair Actually, that db


Actually, that db repair was entirely uneccessary. And as you know, file corruptions can happen at any point in a system. I just can't imagine not using a relational database, it just gives you so much more power...

>>no self-respecting programmer would run any pre-packaged blog

I disagree entirely there. Im a self respecting programmer, and the very last thing i'd consider doing is reinventing the wheel every time i wanted to do something...

Did you write your own interpreted programming language to run it on also? :)

the very last thing i'd

the very last thing i'd consider doing is reinventing the wheel every time i wanted to do something...

But what if you could make a better wheel? What if we don't need a wheel at all? That's what this job is all about.

What if Linus Torvalds had said "Windows and MacOS are good enough, no need to re-invent the wheel"?

What if the OO.org developers had said "MS Office and Lotus are good enough, no need to re-invent the wheel"?

What if the Firefox guys had said "IE and Moz are good enough, no need to re-invent the wheel"?

That's how we get where we are today, by not accepting that something is good enough, by getting pissed off and making something better, or starting again if necessary, and never EVER lying down and accepting that "good enough" is good enough.

have this feeling there is

have this feeling there is a marked tendency for girls and wordpress

Ah I know you're just trolling...

We've done some mean designs in Wordpress and love the simplicy of the code. I guess it has a lot to do with how well you know the tool - and after 100+ WP blog customisations we're happy in that environment.

I did try Drupal for the Multilingual Search blog but their internationalisation modules weren't working for me. It was pretty experimental and only had a couple of people on it. I knew we could get it working in WP so reverted again.

just can't imagine not

just can't imagine not using a relational database, it just gives you so much more power

I agree. If you learn your database in and out, develop a backup and maintenance plan you should be able to run for years with no down time.

Even very popular static sites lack the most basic of features like a bloody site search!

>P.S. Nice to see GridIron

>P.S. Nice to see GridIron has sobered up.

I have not been that hung over since college. I was a hurtin unit on Friday.

But what if you could make a

But what if you could make a better wheel? What if we don't need a wheel at all? That's what this job is all about.

I think the key-phrase was:

reinventing the wheel every time i wanted to do something


I looked through alot of stats on the features available for blogging software before making my choice. It seemed to me that Nucleus offered the most comprehensive set of features/plugins at that time (and a lively developer community to keep the plugins up to snuff), I liked enough of the templates to assure I'd have a "look" I could live with, and the user interface seemed easy to work with. Those were my criteria and Nucleus made the top of my list. Once I got it installed and started toying with it, I learned it wasn't going to be a walk in the park...messing with the skins and templates was too technical for my non-programmer brain, so I relied on assistance to get the blog set up how I wanted. Now that it's up and running, I like it fine for usability...it's quick and easy.

Do you have a link to those

Do you have a link to those stats SS?


Yeh, pretty much what i meant TP. I prefer to hack existing software, it's quick, cheap and others have usually done all the testing. If i can put those hacks back into the community (assuming it's open source) then that's even better.

Lovely! thanks a lot!


thanks a lot!


Moved from typepad Pro to Wordpress

geesh that comment about

geesh that comment about boys going for MT and girls for WP was SOOOOOOOOO unnecessary ;)

(I'm still a boy and not ashamed to be 100% behind wordpress ;) )

Just show's how ridiculously

Just show's how ridiculously sensiive men can be in my opion FG.

Im a bloke, clearly. And out of the two systems i'd take Wordpress every single time.

I was merely commenting on the fact that the balance was more toward WP on the girls side. So what?

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