Google's New Secret Service?

I've had a bad case of "bloggers" block. Just have not been able to find anything exciting to write about lately. So I just decided, someone is bound to start spreading this rumor - might as well be me! Just got an email about WMW from Brett Tabke. One of the updates Brett listed was: - "Google is holding a secretive luncheon on Wednesday. No details given to us. hmmm!?" So I go to register for the Google lunch and the Google page says...

Webmaster World Luncheon
Hosted by Google

Don't miss Google's presentation of an exciting new service that you can register for at the show! Lunch will be provided, so come early to get good seats and free schwag.

So let the rumors and speculation begin. What do you think it will be???

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base base base

I say


Hey, maybe they're going to announce that they're fixing it.

Firefox Bounty Too

I'm glad to see that they offer a Firefox bounty as well.

Dang! I was wrong...

Ah well, it was worth a shot based on all empirical evidence from information gleaned late at night using the best vodka algorithms available at the time.

Yep was just coming to post.

Yep was just coming to post. I found it at DigitalPoint.

"With our new referrals feature, you can increase your revenue while increasing your users' awareness of useful products and services. By adding a referral button to your site, you can direct users to sign up for AdSense and monetize their web content, or to download Firefox with Google Toolbar and improve their web browsing experience.

While your users learn more, you can earn more -- US $100 for every new AdSense publisher who earns $100 and up to $1 for every new Firefox user."

Plus Nick just posted stever's find in a new blog. So that's probably not what they will announce at WMW. Must be something else.

Now showing

Now showing as a new button on Adsense accounts - $100 per new referral once they earn $100 themselves

Yes but...

It was only by special invitation.

This could be wide release, I know, big whoop.

Hang on though, haven't

Hang on though, haven't Adsense had a referal program for months now?

Darren comments over at

Darren comments over at BlogHerald that those referral buttons Jen mentions are for an AdWords referral program paying out $20. Sounds like he knows, but maybe it's only speculation, not sure.

ยป Google to launch Adsense referral program? The Blog Herald: more blog news more often seems to be registered, but it doesn't respond. And no idea what kind of service that would be. Although I've noticed quite many referrals from a similar URL to my blog.

hmm indeed

incrediBILL, you took the words out of my mouth.

However, I was hoping they'd make some big announcement about smart pricing.


Google's probably going to let people sign up for some new REFERRAL program as referenced in the new changes to the AdSense Terms and Conditions today.

See Jenstar's site for more info:

>>guess Google


Google Whine™
A never ending update thread hosted by Google. Special people can whine about their rankings to "Googleguy", who among other duties will periodically point out the vitues of the Whine Report™, a form for webmasters to poor their sorrows into while, uniquely, red-flagging thier niche for a hand-inspection.


re: You special?

You have to be signed up for PubCon in Vegas to get the invite.

For roughtly $500 you too can be special :)

You special?

Why didnt the rest of get an invite just like you?

My bet

is Google Base.

Yep must be webmaster related

Yes I assume if they are announcing it at WMW, it must be SEO or webmaster related. Hard to guess what they have up their sleeves.
Maybe Nick can do a contest for the winning answer - a TW t-shirt, 3 pints or something fun. Any other guesses?

It's a plot... start rumors and drive the stock up so the insiders can all sell while we're staring at the presentation and get hosed, that's all.

Considering the nerd herd that will be present perhaps it's going be something aimed at webmasters, can't fathom it would just be a run of the mill consumer oriented service.

They have been making a lot of noise about Wifi lately, who knows.