Google Suffer Down Time


At around 13:40 hours Indian Standard Time, the google web search went down and subsequently Gmail also went down. Google search came back up within 5 minutes or so. But GMAIL is still down as I write this post. [13:55].

Since we are into link building and SEO , we use GMAIL extensively for our link campaigns, and this down time is costing us. I think I will go for a dedicated mail server this time. :-(

But considering the 2 GB and increasing mail space, it is hard to let go of google.

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Yes also noted the problem for TW

There are mumblings around, at WW and elsewhere, of Adsense being down for extended periods of time. There's a separate thread talking about Google itself being inaccessible. Problems also with blogger and elsewhere. Matt is retracting earlier comments about Jagger 3 being visible by now and saying there'll be a delay.

Who put petrol in the diesel engine?


I'm only guessing here but

I'm only guessing here but if hardware is an issue I do have a spare server lying around.

I could probably set them up

I could probably set them up some space on my server as well if this helps. I can spare about 5gbs of space. Hope this is enough! I can guarantee some good uptime as well with full (software) Raid :)

You use GMail for SEO work?

Call me paranoid, but laying out your link network and SEO plans on GMail doesn't sound like a secure plan.

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