World Usability Day on Thursday!

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When I saw this on World Usability Day on the BBC web site, I thought it was a bit of a joke, but when you think about it, there is a sound business principle at stake here. Usabilty does matter, and there are a number of heartfelt chords that this article tugs at. The nub of the matter is this:-

With thousands of products and services to choose from, ease of use is still a bonus factor rather than a norm and those that possess this elusive quality often go on to dominate markets.

Been through this one myself, dear knows how many times. Sheesh, I'm off somewhere else if I cannot book or buy easily. And if you take the trouble to email them about a usability problem, they tend not to be interested.

How many people, while trying to book a holiday online, have got one detail wrong on the form, only to see that it has deleted all the details and dumped them back to the beginning?

And big companies tend to be the ones that go really wrong (but the problem is not confined to big companies)

"The bad news is that the only thing that typically unites marketing, design, product development, strategy, etc is that they are all not looking at the business from the customers' point of view."

And the conclusion

It seems that making something easy to use is not as easy as it seems.

I have parted company with a number of clients who did did not unstand this basic concept, and wanted to have whistles and bells, and to hell with the usability.


Too true

wanted to have whistles and bells, and to hell with the usability

I have worked with designers who thought the same

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