Google Hires New Chief Spin Doctor


Ironically a MSN report says that Google have hired one Elliot Schrage,an experienced lawyer and international policy activist to defend its "increasingly controversial efforts to extend the reach of its internet search engine". Looks as if Mr Schrage has quite some job on his hands, but like the alchemists of old, I am sure that he is up to the job of turning base metal into gold

Mr Schrage, who was named vice president of global communications and public affairs and will report to Eric Schmidt, Google's chief executive, said his role would be "to explain the steps Google is taking to improve the accessibility and usefulness of the world's information to people everywhere".

45-year-old Schrage was formerly senior vice president for global affairs at clothing retailer Gap and also served as managing director of the New York office of Clark & Weinstock, a public-policy consulting group.


Mr Schrage??? Why not Matt Cutts :-)

I shall measure the success of Mr Schrage by the number of times he is going to contribute to TW posts.

Well what should I expect else of a "Chief Spin Doctor"?

Still think that Matt "Inigo" Cutts is doing a great job for Google with the PR field ;-)

Explain What?

How they are gonna steal stuff and try to get away with it...

Can we all say, "PANT LOAD"...

This corporate lawyer (Mr Schrage) is not intended for us, he is ear marked for the main stream media and the non-tech savvy general public. I think google management is well aware that most professional people that make their living on the Web are NOT impressed by their position on copyright.

I may be wrong here, but I don't think Matt's job is PR(Public Relations) AFAIK his job is fighting what google considers to be Search Engine SPAM. Although, I do agree that Matt is doing an above average job for google/Webmaster relations given ?google’s current attitude toward Website owners property and copyrights.

Can't find his blog

Anybody knows his URL if he has a blog?


Gap have still not sorted out child labour laws in the factories where they get their products made yet.

Gap (as well as Nike and a few others) is still banned from my residences - really pisses off the people who visit.

Hmmm I don't like the look of this - "Don't do evil..... any more?"

the public relations profession

call me jaded, but anytime someone has to hire a high-powered PR rep, warning bells go off in my mind. it's not proof that the hiring company's done something wrong, but more a tacit admission that they're sailing into ethically queasy territory, and want someone to steer the boat for them.

Anyone remember?

Anyone remember all the other s(p)in doctors especially the UK politicos who all came to a sticky end.
Trouble is as soon as you dont spin your boss out of trouble he sacks you. The spin doctor has to get it right every time whereas the opposition only needs to succeed once. We'll see where he is in 12 months.


I think google hiring Mr. Schrage is just another indicator that google has grown up and become a large main stream American Corporation. Every major US Corporation has its own hired PR spin doctor.

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