Steve Case, resigns from AOL Board


BBC reports that Steve Case, founder of AOL and one of the key players in its merger with Time Warner, has resigned from AOL Board to "spend more time on his new investment company Revolution" In his leaving statement Mr Case defended AOL, saying that the firm "can return to its past greatness".

Personally I have my doubts that they can. I wonder if Steve has sold his shares in them.

As we have discussed here before, the sharks are circling AOL, and Steve Case's departure may herald an announcement soon.


past greatness

Yes, I fully predict that AOL will return to its past greatness as soon as the top five search engines disappear, broadband via cable dries up, and the only remaining net interface is a *nix command prompt. Should be any day now.

For me, the question is, how has it stayed afloat for so long? Possibly the opt-out credit card subscription feature that comes on each "5000 free hours" CD.


Aol was great?

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