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I have recently had to setup a home office from scratch which means a lot of setting up and purchasing software. Each decision has been made with due consideration for productivity. I think a really good RSS reader will make me more productive.

My current reader of choice is the Outlook version of Newsgator which I love because of the email integration that allows me to be pinged by important project stuff as well as catch up with blogs. Unfortunately my licensed and working copy is on a laptop I don't own. Before I go and buy a new license, does anyone have any recommendations? Which Feed Reader do you use?


Currently using FeedReader

Currently using FeedReader. It's an open-source project and while it needs some work, it get's the job done for me.

Rss reader matrix

You can find here a matrix of 66 local rss reader and 33 web based agregator :


I'm using the reader built into the Opera web browser. I've tried loads of other feed readers but Opera is the only one that works the way i like it. It displays a popup from the status bar when new feeds come in, you can change the status of multiple feeds to "Read" with a keyboard shortcut and it works......most of the time ;) Only downside is you have to have Opera open all the time.

On the wish list

Something that downloads feeds to my PC and syncronizes with my PDA. It would be great to catch up on full text feeds while I'm waiting in line etc etc.

(sorry, doesn't help your cause...)

At the moment bloglines does the trick...


I've been using Bloglines for over a year now. It took a little getting used to (I still think they could imrove the design) but stuff like having my feeds on any mobile device sealed the deal. The notifier plugin for FireFox works like a champ.

If I was only working from

If I was only working from one machine, I'd probably use Opera's built in reader, but as it is, that's no use for me.

I've used Bloglines for a while now, and while it may not be the fastest at updating feeds from what i've read of other peoples experiences, it does the job very well otherwise I find. Makes it easy to skim over a large number of feeds, quick and simple to use.

I've tried a few other free online services, and none have compared at all to the speed I can follow a lot of stuff on Bloglines.

I'm still trying to work out if the notifier is a good thing or not, it generally just tempts me to go abck and read it more ;)

Opera is good

Although I use Google Reader too so I can catch up in Internet cafes etc.


Despite the occasional problem I'm still happy to recommend Bloglines, its still way ahead of the rest in my book.

Have only used Bloglines

...but haven't felt the need to try anything else.

mission critical

If your feeds are fundemental to your business, then bloglines is not good enough imo

It can go down, and can be flakey beyond beleif at peak times.

Currently im using liferea for linux, and it's shit, but it's the best i can find as "akregator", the one that's in beta for KDE hogs so much memory, that even on a well spec'd machine it tends to freeze up - when you're dealing with 400+ feeds, cache tuning etc become fairly big issues.

As for hosted services - if someone could give me bloglines, on a paid model that garuntees connectivity and uptime i'd happily switch, as currently, if i want to work on another box, i have to cp over the feedlist.opml AND all the cached files etc in order to keep synced - it's far from ideal.


It definately is mission critical so that narrows it down somewhat. I will also be using desktop and laptop so syncing is an issue too. I always have outlook open so it made sense to have a email plugin type but I do also always tend to have a browser open so might be able to use firefox or opera. Not really gotten the hang of web based but that rules out syncing...hmm...

Keep em coming :OD

IMHO: BlogBridge

Can I suggest you take a look at my project BlogBridge, http://www.blogbridge.com ? I call it an RSS Aggregator for 'professionals' - people who have to follow hundreds and hundreds of feeds as part of their job. It's open source, cross platform, and free!

Here are some other useful links:

What is BlogBridge: http://www.blogbridge.com/archives/2005/10/what_is_blogbri.php
Who is it for: http://www.blogbridge.com/archives/2005/10/whats_an_info_j.php
Other top FAQs: http://www.blogbridge.com/archives/2005/10/top_faqs.php

Run it on any platform: http://www.blogbridge.com/install/stable/blogbridge.jnlp

Looks interesting

Course you wouldn't be biased would you Pito? ;O)

Bit worrying that whole "don't trust this application that wants unlimited access to your computer and network" screen?

Bloglines - I like the

Bloglines - I like the access across many computers and mobile devices.

check out Gregarius.net

web-based, very cool. Web2, dontchaknow

Am I the only lamo?

That just has all my favorite RSS feeds lumped into My Yahoo just to keep a eye on things?

>>Am I the only lamo? Nope,

>>Am I the only lamo?

Nope, I do the same thing. Yahoo is simple as it gets when it comes to following RSS feeds and it works.


I'm a fan of http://www.attensa.com/

It integrates well with Outlook, however, to use it well on two machines you'll need to sync the files, which is pretty easy with some of the programs on the market.


Outlook integration? That looks interesting :O)

Mission critical

I use RSS to help keep me up to date for my business so in the rare case that Bloglines is down (despite some people's reports, it's only rarely down--I live on Bloglines.com) I can fire up a desktop news reader like NetNewsWire. I don't add enough feeds monthly for daily or even weekly backups and I know what sites are key to by business so if worst comes to worst I can use a plain old browser.

What I'm trying to say is Bloglines fits in fine for a "mission critical" setting.

I really like NewzCrawler

NewzCrawler is loaded with features, is pretty zippy, and has great support.

- Costs money ($29, I think)
- Is occasionally a bit overly strict with feeds (can reject a feed that's not set up right, etc.)
- Sync'ing between computers is a bit awkward (you must use your own storage space, e.g., server you have ftp access to, for the xml file).

- Includes a simple USENET reader built in. Also works with podcasts!
- Has 'smart feeds' (e.g., like iTunes smart playlists)
- I like the three-paned interface... great for reading / marking individual important articles within a feed (try doing THAT easily with Bloglines :D)
- No extra cost to run the program on multiple computers (as long as you're the only person using it).

Avantgo for PDA

Someone asked about getting their feeds onto their PDA. The free Avantgo now gives you the ability to add any RSS feed, including blogs.


synching seems to be the biggest issue for this kind of thing. Check out www.foldershare.com - use what ever app you want and just synch the config files. Works awesome. I use it for My Documents and Outlook while travelling - takes the headache out of the whole thing.

Thanks guys!

I have decided on Attensa so far, just because of the outlook integration :O) I will let you know how I get on with it..


I've been playing with that one since yesterday, and I like it, for the most part. My only real problem with it is that assuming you organize your feeds into folders (and if you've got more than a couple you'd be crazy not to), you don't know that a feed has been updated until you open that folder.

Apparently, there's a workaround for that if you're running Outlook 2003, but I'm on 02, so I've posted in their forum and I'm hoping somebody can give me some advice on it.

Chris, i've been toying with

Chris, i've been toying with the idea of putting my own online reader up, then it's only down to me if the bandwidth sucks..

found a couple of good candidates in this list


Oh, and techcrunch just gave

Oh, and techcrunch just gave pito's blogbridge a thumbs up, i may have to see if that's in the gentoo portage system..


Pito, does blogbridge

Pito, does blogbridge support folders for feeds?

It looks VERY smart, but without folders it's pretty useless to me...

I think it does?

At least it seems to have groupings

It has "guides"

Which serve the same purpose as folders, and also seem to function as a way for the app to recommend other feeds for you.

I was testing that one yesterday too, but I was hoping to find something that wouldn't require me to keep yet another window open all day, so Attensa got my vote, at least for the time being.

BlogBridge and folders

What people said is accurate: http://www.blogbridge.com has Guides which are a lot like folders. You can create as many as you like, name them whatever you want, and assign an icon to them. They hold a collection of Feeds and SmartFeeds. They also hold various interesting properties, and in the future will be the building blocks of "Reading Lists" Finally SmartFeeds (like iTunes Smart Playlists) can use Guide as one of the criteria for specifying a query (e.g. include anything from Guide "XML" that mentions "Data Power".)


Onfolio's got them all beat (www.onfolio.com). It's more of a research organization tool, but it also has a great feed reader. Integrates into Firefox, Outlook,allows you to capture and organize information. Very active user base and forums, excellent technical support.

I've been using it for a couple of months, couldn't live without it now. Unfortunately, you gotta pay for it....

I don't currently use a feedreader

but I have always wanted to. I'm glad for this thread. I just noticed that Apple's Safari comes with a built in Feedreader, so I'll prob give that a shot.

Wonder if Firefox has a feed reader? Anyone know?


I just tried Yahoo. And it makes me happy. :)

re: Firefox

Live bookmarks if you just want to see headlines... Sage if you want a full-fleged reader in FF.


I use Thunderbird for feeds now. Some time ago, somebody mentioned in a thread that he used an Outlook plugin. I thought it sounded odd and that the only real thing to use was a feed reader, not an email program.

Not that I've tried it I actually can't see the need for a feed reader anymore. Having the feeds in the mail program is actually the most natural place, and all the feed readers imitate the three pane email reader look anyway.

That said, Thunderbird is *not* a 100% reliable news reader yet. At least it's got it's quirks. One of them being that in order to refresh feeds you sometimes have to shut down and restart the program.

Added: Sage - I used to use that one. Good one.


I've tried Sage for Firefox and I hate it. I don't want a cutesy little box format. I just want a list of feeds. And I don't want to have each feed by site, I want all of tehm lumped together no matter where they are from. And I want them sorted by date and time.

Any suggestions?

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