Google Does Damage Control on Smart Pricing


In response to some of the smart pricing discussions floating around Google does a little damage control on their adsense blog:

1. Many factors determine the price of an ad

2. Clickthrough rate doesn't affect advertiser return on investment (ROI)

3. Google doesn't make money from 'smart pricing'

4. Remember the old chestnut: "Content is King"

Of course they side stepped the two most important issues:

Smart pricing affects an entire account. It is not on a per page or per site basis.

One poorly converting site can result in smart pricing impacting an entire account, even sites completely unrelated to the poorly converting one.

Personally grading it on per page basis seems too granular, per site is probably about right, per account seems rather draconian.


I am badly hit by this

I am badly hit by this myself. so, I thought I just set up another account with to split the performing and the non performing ones.

The problem is that Google wont let you have 2 accounts. I got it solved thou by having one personal one and one business one.

But it really is just stupid and makes life harder for me (2 checks shipped to Norway) and I dont see it helps Google in any way.

Google Dance

That's what you call Google's aversion to topics

Two words sprang to mind as

Two words sprang to mind as I read that blog entry over on the Google site

horse shit

but then I'm a grumpy and cynical old fart who thinks that Google is fast developing into an honest webmaster's biggest nightmare.

public comment at last

The issue of one site's conversion influencing payout on other sites is something they specifically did not rule out though this would have been the ideal opportunity to clear that up. Now I'm even more convinced it's true.

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