WebmasterRadio Takes Direct Hit From Hurricane Wilma


Pardon the late post, as I am working from a borrowed computer and have had to go through quite a bit to first get my family and myself to safety: As we were running like the wind from South Florida to beat the rush for Gas and supplies after Wilma's strike, we stopped at the WebmasterRadio.FM's Studios just off of I-95 in Deerfield Beach...

Folks, it looked like someone set off a bomb in our parking lot. We were able to ensure the studio itself seems intact with no blown in glass. However, no power means no live programming.

So we immediately left there to go across the freeway to check our corporate offices and all looks well there, just again...no power.

So we immediately made our way north to Orlando and am at one of the Hotels near Disney. I'm feeding the radio station just music at this time as we cannot do normal programming until we get back into the studio.

FEMA and Florida Power & Lighting are our word for when we can return. We have friends that are camping...literally...in their condos and keeping an eye on things. When we can return, you can surely bet that WebmasterRadio.FM will be back like a vengence...as we've been working on a whole new line up of programming for you folks.

Thanks for your patience and support during this trying time for us. We aim to resume normal live shows as soon as possible.


You and your family are OK,

You and your family are OK, everything else can be worked around.

Good news Darron, at least in regard to safety, hope you get the biz back up on it's feet soon!

Glad to hear you're okay

From another Florida guy, I'm glad your place escaped unscathed - I know how bad it can be. If you're in Orlando long and you want a home-cooked meal, shoot me an email.

Glad you and Brrrrrrandy are

Glad you and Brrrrrrandy are OK

Hope to see ya in Vegas...

Thanks guys, your support

Thanks guys, your support means alot. We even managed to pull off a makeshift abbreviated version of RainMaker tonight to update people on the devastation we saw.

We are safe and hope others pull thru this as quickly as possible. Its not a pretty scene. Thanks again for the kind words folks.

Wish you the best SEGuru and

Wish you the best SEGuru and hope to hear you online soon!

Kim (Norway dude)

Best wishes to you all

I completely understand, since I went through Katrina, what it is like. Hang in there. I guarantee things get better as time goes by.

Glad no real bad news

Glad you and Brandy are all OK Darron. Enjoy Disney, the next theme park is Vegas. Coincidentally, am actually wearing the black and silver T-Shirt - and it's not washed out.

thank god !

great that you are ok, LOVE your station and programming ! it is hard to stay up so late (here in Israel) and hear the great shows live, good that you are doing the podcasts, I highly recommend it to everyone !

BroadProspect, Strike Point

BroadProspect, Strike Point on Mondays (with Davn and I) are broadcast at a more decent hour :)

Good Lord Man - Glad You're Okay

Wasn't it just last year you guys moved from Denver because your house got flooded? With all you and Brandy have been through I am glad you have had great success with everything this year.

All my best to you and Brandy! If there is anything I can do just call me guys.

Joe Holcomb

I am very glad you are ok...

I very much believe that everything happens for a reason. There is something to be learned from this experience. What does not break you makes you stronger.

You guys rock! I mean it.

You guys rock! I mean it. We're slowing getting cabin fever, even in a hotel north of the mess. Its rough not being able to function like normmal. Tradeshow comming next weekend in NYC (adtech) and we have no way of knowing if our booth or biz cards or marketing collateral is in place.

We're up here worrying about stuff like that and I know that seems selfish when I know there are people in S. Florida literally camping out in their homes with no power or water.

We're still waiting to see if the insurance company will cover displacement. Its just nuts. Making calls down there is still rough.

The mother-in-law is with is...in tow. So you know how that is...we're making the best of it.

So we're going to try and take our mind off of it tonight and go to Universal's Fright Night. Scaring the holy crap outta the Mom-in-Law should be good fun, what do ya think?



Glad your safe.

>Universal's Fright Night

Great time, you'll have a blast. Glad to hear everything is okay. Enjoy you're hiatus...good to hear you're makin' the best of it.

Good to hear from you...

...and know you're OK. :-)

I think they are back up...

Kicking this post to top...the chat room says they are going to have a new Domain Masters tonight at 7PM ET.

Yes, back up....yet still no

Yes, back up....yet still no power or water to my other office. As soon as I get to the studio today, we'll get the scroller on the top of the page changed.



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