[update] base.google.com


UPDATE: Screenshot ~ wow, what do you guys make of THAT?

...is now live apparently, though im gettting a 502 when trying to view it. Michel tells me it's a kind of content repository? Consider this post a filler till i/we can work out what it really is.



I see the FAQ link is visited in color, Michel did you gleen any info from it?

its a fake...

The google footer appears everywhere at...

©2005 Google - Google Home - Terms of Service - Privacy Policy - About Google Accounts

i.e. with capitalisation.


Look at the goog logo.
It looks to have been optimisted to 256 colour gif. Whereas the rest of the screen (start menu etc..) is in full 65k colours.



Eadz, Only 502 server error.

Robinb, it is not a fake ;)
If you want I could send you a BMP 2,3Mb screenshot.

Well here is a full color

Well here is a full color logo and another screenshot from a different browser.
Found at http://google-blog.dirson.com/post.new/0291/

Also interesting was the quote "This new tool will be introduced during the 'Google Zeitgeist'05 Partner Forum' to be held today at Google HQ in California. " ( http://services.google.com/zeitgeist05.html ) 25th-27th.

Server Error

The server encountered a temporary error and could not complete your request.

Please try again in 30 seconds.

Hmm, will it work if I try in 29 seconds? or 31? Why 30 seconds?


more screenshots! here we have the add screen :

http://www.seweso.com/blog/uploaded_images/google-base2-735365.jpg ( from http://www.seweso.com/blog/2005/10/google-base.php )

googlebase.com is reg'd ( in the future?! ) but not redirecting to base.google.com

All your base are belong to Google!, my post on the matter with some more info.


fair enough....

Very interesting, hope it's not just linkbait

What's that "Paint" software doing there?
Looks like we need a Googler clarification/contradiction on that one.

Looks like

Looks like Google classifieds to me.

French speaking english

on http:....google-base.php page it has a link to http://www.googlebase.fr/ and the 'french' site is in 'english'??

Surely shome mishtake.

Craigs List

Looks like they are going to possibly target the high traffic of CraigsList and other online classified services. I am glad my classified site is specialized and does not depend on Google for traffic. Although this is very worrisome....

Ever wonder why Craigslist does not display Adsense? I am sure Google has approached them.

Justilien, that answer I know

Because CL users -- at least the vocal ones -- ABSOLUTELY ABHOR the idea of any advertising on their site. I made the suggestion one time in the feedback forum that CL put in contextual *text* ads from Y! or G, and you'd have thought I suggested mutilating their babies with a rusty rake. I had suggested, hey, surely CL could make MANY thousands of dollars per month from this... donate [x]% to a local charity, voted upon by the members each quarter, and use [100-x]% to hire more customer service folks, pay for server upgrades, etc. But, uh, no.

As for the base.google.com... I don't know what it's for, but if some G! engineer doesn't add the subdomain "allyour" I'll be shocked :P


by reading the description it looks more like a big knowledgebase everybody can add information to. Some sort of a Wiki maybe ...

Now 403

Now locked out. Let the panic begin. Doesn't look to be anything like as philanthropic as a Wiki to me.

It's the Big Database of

It's the Big Database of Everything, is what it is.

And that "Edit Housing Item" screenshot makes it look incredibly easy to create your own data sets and databases, so who needs programmers anymore?

I was a bit confused by this

I was a bit confused by this move at first, but what if it's the first step in becoming the copyright office of the web? Instead of registering a work w/ your government, it's regestered w/ Google.

UPC codes for content?

Seems to live again...

Check it out now. It appears to be live again..

Gone again for me....

Gone again for me....

I saw it for a few minutes

I saw it for a few minutes live and I made some more Screenshots
-People Profiles
The FAQ wasn´t live ...

On the Jobs graphic in

On the Jobs graphic in eJojo's post it has the german button but english interface. Of course eJojo is based in Germany?

All your Google Base...

... are belong to us.

Ladies and Gentleman...

I think we are about to witness the "uber plan" - seriously.

This hide and seek game is an outstanding bit of slight of hand also. While everyone is busy talking about whether they've seen it or not, and reporting what errors they're getting, it's drawing potential fire.

That can't last forever, but it *is* a neat bit of PR jiggery pokery

find the lady anyone?

find the lady anyone?

That´s right eurotrash. My

That´s right eurotrash. My "base" is in Germany. ;-)

got me a glimpse too

but it was broken

anybody else

anybody else get the sense of a UFO sighting with this Google base thing?

The "all your base are belong to us" stuff isn't helping ;-)

Fly on a random wall at Googleplex

I am sure the folks at Google are having a field day toying with this =)

Fly on a random wall at Googleplex...

"ok, let's show them another glimpse and see what they write. Maybe this will keep them from working and messing up rankings more."

"Look 15 more people linked to us in the past 10 minutes!"

"I wonder if those folks at Threadwatch are already figuring our ways to use base.google.com to their advantage"

"No! Its my turn to press the blue button to make base.google.com appear!"

I have to admit I do like stunts they pull like this. It reminds me of some clever advertising to create hype used in the offline world. Think of all the natural backlinks and press coverage they are getting. One has to admire that.

seems legit...

Googleblog has a comment:

10/25/2005 05:02:00 PM
Posted by Tom Oliveri, Product Marketing Manager

You may have seen stories today reporting on a new product that we're testing, and speculating about our plans. Here's what's really going on. We are testing a new way for content owners to submit their content to Google, which we hope will complement existing methods such as our web crawl and Google Sitemaps. We think it's an exciting product, and we'll let you know when there's more news.

Duplicate Content Check

This is probably going to be a way for google to deal with the "first content" issues and duplicate content filters. I have often seen reported that someone will post an article but the GoogleBot will pickup a copy of the article before the original and the original will get filtered out of the search results. If content owners could submit a story to Google at the same time that they post, Google would be able to do a database check and confirm what was actually the original for a post and show the correct result. This might make it easier to search for blog spam and cases where the content is highly duplicative.

Just an idea...

Can't wait to see the API specs

>This is probably going to be a way for google to deal with the "first content" issues and duplicate content filters.

Dupe detection is easier with structured data, but that's surely not the reason to launch a 'universal database'. However, registering content to set the source bonus in stone would be nice to have.

Try to imagine how many services Google can launch based on a huge pool of structured data... 65536^2... and still counting ideas;)

Next try to imagine how many neat ways straight to the top of the SERPs this beast may offer, if used creatively.

It's the Big Database of

It's the Big Database of Everything

it looks like a plan to interpose Google a little more between user and content. Almost a google intro page to anything a user wants to offer up there. What amounts to an enormous publishing platform for AdWords where the content is entirely fueled by Google-obsessed submitters.

That sounds like it would work really well to me.

This may be a bit early to declare, but I think they have made a new thing I can spam!

I'm sure hoping...

That, at the very least, they fix all links on Base to no-follow.
Unfortunately, that's not going to stop spammers from adding 172837192835 pages of crap to the system ("Buy Viagra now! Buy V1agra cheep! Buy \/iagra online!...")

. No matter what the coolest new thing is, people will find a way to abuse it.


no-follow, no-schmollow...google's about to attach their ads to everything that can be described with text and images and you're worried about it being exploited to create some pharma links? I would suggest to you that Google is already the Spam King and now is looking for ways to lap the field...

login screen

I get a login screen for it now. When I enter my google accounts info it accepts the user name but keeps prompting me for the password.

>>That, at the very least,

>>That, at the very least, they fix all links on Base to no-follow.'


For what purpose? Google don't have to follow those links! But hey, I'll bet Yahoo and MSN will follow them, and rank them. It's blogspot all over again, just another way for $G to monetize the competition as GW said...

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