TradeDoubler to IPO in November


TradeDoubler are to release 45% of shares in an IPO scheduled for November 8th this year according to Sweden's largest financial newspaper TradeDoubler did around $70M in revenues last year and are currently valued at around $400M


if anyone has an English PR

if anyone has an English PR I'd love to read it.

p.s. Nick, your link goes to

Fixed, thanks gerbot I also

Fixed, thanks gerbot

I also found out that they are a swedish company, which explains why that site has the story first, i'd always thought they were UK heh..

$70M in revenues

You do mean $70M in revenues, not profits rigth? If they had $70M in profits the market cap would be US$1-2B.

probably, im no financial

probably, im no financial geezer - i just got a rough translation from someone :)


Revenue: SEK 598M in 2004 - that's USD 75.3M

Result: SEK 62M in 2004 - that's USD 8.7M

Around 45% of stock will be sold at between USD 11 and USD 15. First day of trade is November 8. On Stockholmsbörsen's O-list


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