MillionDollorHompage Clones - Wankers, All of Them


Ever since that damn million dollar homepage thing launched, (and let's face it, it was a fantastic idea..) Threadwatch has been inundated with the absolute fucking dregs of society posting their shit, ill thought out, badly put together and poorly marketed immitations. They post in the original thread, they post in other threads, they post as new threads, sheesh, some of these fucking arseholes even play on sickness and charity to try and get a link from here. Wankers, of the highest order, every single last one of them.

Phew, that feels better. If you'd like an alternate opinion on this charming trend, try rebecca over at clickz, you'll find she has her finger right on the pulse as usual heh....


aah bless the little sheeple

well if they can't come up with an original idea they sure won't come up with an original way to market it will they?

So how do you get a job at ClickZ? I could do a few short uninformed articles a day no problem.... (oh wait, don't I already do that somewhere?)

Don't mince words, Nick...

What do you REALLY think about those people?

Put it this way Michael, one

Put it this way Michael, one of these nobs submitted his crap 3x to TW this morning, he was too dumb to even read the text above the submit box!

hehe... i've had this rant brewing for a little time, but a friend pointed out the clickz story earlier and that was the preverbial straw...

I've had people asking me if

I've had people asking me if the page they bought a link on is the real Million Dollar Homepage. They're fine with getting a useless link from the real thing because of the cool factor...

"Hey have you seen this page?"
"Seen it? I'm on it, dude!"

But if they're on one of the copies they're nothing but suckers.

I'm a sucker :(

Because I'm on a few copies ... innocently however, coz many of the copycats have stolen the links too.

my link on the original has

my link on the original has paid for itself.

I had to..

I had to create an account to say this. Man, I am frigging jealous at someone making a cool million dollars from a single webpage. There, I am fine now ;)

hehe, if you pm me your old

hehe, if you pm me your old account name, i'll see if we can sort that out for you :)

No Kid Ever Wanted

..imitation nike trainers.

You hit the nail on the head - the original has all the kudos, the rest is shit.

I'd like to take this opportunity... invite you people to submit your sites to

It's very seo friendly and the money will go to my elderly hamster, who - no surprise - will need replacement soon. Thanks in advance ;-]

To be fair the million

To be fair the million dollar home page with tits is pure genius.

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