Unsurprisingly, the first porn, albeit a kind of classy genre of porn, has launched for the iPod Video in short order: Suicide Girls Head For The New iPod describes the new addition of SG for the iPod

All male TW'ers with a video iPod should of course check this out thoroughly, let's call it market research shall we?



Seems like this is a rising trend, first the podfather was issing a paen on the coming wave, and now gizmodo/SG.
I hear IpodPorn.us is for sale ;)

Surely though...

...viewing porn on an iPod is going to be the digital equivalent of looking at a pack of dirty playing cards except you don't have get a mate to buy them when he's on holiday in the Med.

Crikey, you've just not

Crikey, you've just not thought this one through have you JureticR? :)

Just think of all those teenage boys in their bedrooms late at night eh? There are no parental restrictions on the iPod hehe!

Porn gave VHS a big edge

Porn gave VHS a big edge over Sony Betamax back in 1979 when Sony's very rigid anti-porn stance crippled their ability to compete. That is why there is no restriction against porn on the PSP and I'm willing to bet some of the highest grossing movie titles on the PSP are porn. As Nick points out the market on the PSP is all those teenage boys. Same thing will be true for iPod video, only you can download 24/7 instead of having to order a cartridge. Porn is what will make iPod video a success.


>>very rigid anti-porn stance


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