Test Driving Flock


Im having fun taking a peek at Flock, a new "social browser" based on Firefox that Gurtie wrote about a few weeks back. It's been in beta, and slowly building buzz for a little while, but although it's still a "dev beta" right now, for reasons im not 100% clear on, you'll be able to get a copy in a few hours.

Im hoping to get a chat with one of the co-founders, Geoffrey Arone, before i go to bed, and if I do i'll update this - for now though, it hasn't broken my machine!

At first glance it looks "interesting", but i really need a walk through, or a couple of hours to mess with it so i'll add more to this post when i've done either.


Well i just managed to get

Well i just managed to get the in browser blog editor working, unfortunately, it will only post to Wordpress and a few other blog platforms - but you can see what i made here heh!

Now about that Drupal thing...

Just an observation

It looks like you've got too much Flocking time on your hands

Flocking my first steps

I liked the FF-tab alike and it seems faster...
The "Blog-It" Button is nice too... (Flock screenshot)

Should be out open soon, But If you must look before - you're welcome to IM or PM for the login.

Seems news of flock is

Seems news of flock is reaching the masses - Believe this went out on Newsnight yesterday 6 minute BBC vid on Flock

beware the privacy conscious

It's new so it doesn't get "cleaned" by the various window-washer type cleansers out there. PLUS, it indexes ALL of the content of web pages visited (to facilitate a local search) which means there is plenty of potential for "forensic recovery" of personal information.

Oh, and if you try the save-my-favorites-to-del.icio.us feature (pretty neat), be sure and train yourself to remain fully aware that your "favorites" will be public knowledge... not just that they are your favorites, but that they are part of your collection of favorites, added at a certain time, tagged a certain way, etc. Think of it this way: an SEO "bookmarks" his favorites, and some competitor sites (to check out later), and then her own competing sites, as they are evaluated, etc. Leaves a pretty interesting trail for someone else monitoring that SEOs activities in the space.

I guess I am wary of any integration system that relies on third party services for storing pieces of the data pie. Too many loose ends.

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