China Blocks Wikipedia


News is coming in that at least in Shanghai, you can no longer access Wikipedia. Under fire recently over the quality and accuracy of some articles, Wikipedians living in China are shit out of luck.


you read Shanghaiist??

I thought that was 'my' little jewel that no one else knew about!

DAMN I miss living in Puxi... Cincinnati isn't nearly as interesting :-( Although, no access to Typepad or blogger sure was a pain in the butt!

No, i got passed that by an

No, i got passed that by an anonymouse source :)

Back in the days ..

when the Internet just started in Holland the national Telco sold a service called Hetnet. It was internetting within Holland and you had to get an additional subscription to be able to leave the virtual borders.

In a way China is going the reverse way. If the current approach continues and the Cisco's of this world keep improving their filter technology and sell it here, China will end up with a Happy China Intranet.

The only way of being able to enter The Evil, Misinformed Extranet will be then by using proxies. For the average internet user this is no option though. It would be interesting if someone out of China sets up a "Blocked in China" website. It might be a way to find a pattern in their blocking as well as see blocking trends.

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