Congratulations Patrick, Amanda and New Arrival Grace Gavin


Hey i got great news today from a very excited Patrick Gavin of Text-Link-Ads - Little Grace Gavin was born a few hours ago and mum and baby are both doing splendidly.

Cogratulations Mummy and Daddy Gavin, and welcome to the world Grace :)



you got Amanda's name right :-)

Fixed, thanks andy. When i

Fixed, thanks andy.

When i spoke to him in IM it was all!!! multiple!!!! exclamation!!!! marks!!!!!


Congratulations the Gavin

Congratulations the Gavin Family. I hope you didn't have to resort to the pineapple :)

Congrats Patrick, Mom, and Grace!

Congrats Daddy Patrick, Mom Gavin, and Grace!

last year a little part of me wanted a girl so I could name her Page ....middle name Rank...hehe...

Welcome to the world of little sleep!

Big Congrats

Best wishes from all of us over here, Patrick.


Good Good stuff

Congrats to a great guy

Cheers to a happy, healthy baby girl.

Congrats Patrick! We're

Congrats Patrick! We're wishing you the best.

congrats Patrick

hopefully she likes links :)

Congratulations Patrik. get used to lots of fun & no sleep ;-)

I guess now we would be able to buy "Grace Link Packages" at a great price !

Nick, guess you'll have to add picture capability to your thread

could be nice...
for the old fox around here ;-)

Congratulations Gavins !

hopefully she likes links :)

Daddy will Have less time for that now...

Kudos to the Happy Parents

Congrats Patrick! Didn't know you were expecting a little one. They are so darling when they are brand new. My wish for you is that Grace is happy, healthy and a good sleeper!


Isn't she beautiful?

Daddy is younger than i thought hehe..

Congrats to the proud parents

Cheers to many years of health and happiness for all three of you.

She's beautiful!

This is a great news! Congrats to you all.

Looked at the pics and your face doesn't ring a bell


Sincere congrats to all three of you. I now have someone I can PM for advice when our one pops out in a couple of months.

Great news

Congratulations :O)


did some welcome stuff, very good!

Congrats Patrick

Now the fun starts. Feeding in the middle of the night, teething, dirt nappies, colic, etc, etc.

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