MSN AdCenter Signup Hack


The regular signup asks for an invitation email, but the direct url works without an invitation!

I guess they haven't secured it yet. Look forward to hearing how it compares to Google AdSense and YPN.


It isn't competion against

It isn't competion against Adsense and YPN in so much as it is the Ad Center for advertisers not publishers and atm it asks for a $5 sign up fee but will only allow me to target my ads to Singapore!

Yea Singapore

Yea, I've got an account now, which is cool....but I can only advertise in Singapore. oh well.

The MSN self serve release

The MSN self serve release was signapore.

Need to have a search specialist set up US accounts still.

It's a pretty amazing system. Still bugs as it's a pilot, but the dynamic variables and targeting offer advertisers a lot of control.

Here's some clarification....

There is no 'security issue'.

The MSNAdcenter has been available in Singapore for a while - Singapore & France were the original trials:,39044246,39251822,00.htm

And you have been able to register at msn singapore for an account without being invited - to run ads in Singapore.

It's the US signup URL that is "invitation only".

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