The Net's 100 Oldest Domains


Back in 1986 eh? Wow, i'd have been 14 heh...

via bb


You'd never have thought the MCC ...

.was that forward thinking.

But they rescue their reputation as incompetant old fogeys by not having managed to get a site on the domain in 20 years :)

There have been domains

There have been domains earlier than that, i know some swedish one's where registered 84

I knew

I knew a fellow back in '84 who said he spent his evening conversing with people via a BBS. I couldn't believe he found it entertaining to try to talk to people via a computer screen. :)

i bet

BELL-ATL wish they picked up a proper 2 or 3 letter domain - I though dashes were only needed from about 2002+


think they are still sandboxed? :)

Billy don't like the interweb...

I'd call that a list of forward thinking companies. I see Apple, IBM, Intel, AMD - Wait a minute...Where's Microsoft?

Hey, I posted that in wmw

Hey, I posted that in wmw foo earlier this year

The oldest domain still looks like a peice of shite

I had no idea domains could

I had no idea domains could be registered that early. I'm really a newbie to the net.

> had no idea domains could

> had no idea domains could be registered that early

I shudder to think what the registration process was like early on. probably included a cavity search. Some of my first domainS were free (95, I think). Huge PITA. Only one per organization, but.....

What!? No

What!? No

Do you remember

There was a bit of a stink at one time that a secretary somewhere was denying domain registration requests via the informal voting system because "she didn't like the look of them" :O) How times have changed! It was a big day when my favourite bbs' opened up to the internet but after the initial interest nobody was too bothered, everyone who was anyone was right there on fidonet.

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