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This is odd, but very cool. I was thinking this morning about a conf call im on today and wondering if there was an app out there, like TaDaList but that would let several users edit it at the same time. You know, like in real time? Then, just a couple of hours later i read about SynchroEdit that will apparently do exactly that!

Wonderful, bit spooky, but wonderful!

The basic concept is that it allows multiple users to WYSIWYG edit a single web-based document, all at exactly the same time. SynchroEdit continuously synchronizes all changes so that users always see the same version. They can also see each others' changes as they type, see where each user is currently editing, and see each others' changes by color.

Im signed up for an alpha account and really hope to get to play with it soon, it sounds like a 'ing godsend...


More spooky...

Well, Nick... as I read the SynchroEdit page, I thought to myself, "this sounds like writing on quicksand." (In fact, it sounds like a meeting I had a few days ago, where a client was constantly interrupting me and interjecting his own theories of SEO).

And, lo and behold, a paragraph later... "Sandbox hasn't been very stable and it sometimes crashes during the day." Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm....

Seriously though, I'm curious to hear the nittygritty about how this one develops.

This is *so* five years ago

Don't believe the hype.

This is *so* five years ago - see eg. this page from 2002 - or this one - probably lots of dead groupware businesses mentioned on each of them. Here's a windows product for download from 2003, and one for the x window system from 2000. Finally, here's a java app and some more links

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