Blogs, Sheeple, Peer Pressure and Non News

Danny just made me laugh out loud with his reasoning as to why he also posted the MC Hammer Non Story about GOOG. What is it about blogging, and RSS that makes us news bloggers do this?

Honestly, I saw Dirson post about MC Hammer visiting Google and thought, "Do we need yet another celebrity visits Google mention?" I decided no, but then Nick at Threadwatch goes over the edge and starts the bandwagon rolling with hist post, so OK, I'll climb on.

This happens to me aswell, and more often than i'd like to be frank. I do give some stories a miss, mostly because they bore the arse off me, or they're such lame publicity stunts that i just WONT give them the satisfaction of seeing it posted - but time and time again i find myself spot a scoop (albeit not a great one), decide to leave it be, then catch Danny, Barry or any number of those chaps and chapesses i'd consider my peers post about it and then i jump on that damn wagon.

What, what i ask you makes us do this?

  • Fear of loss?
  • Fear of not having understood the importance of a story?
  • Just because it's the done thing?

Hmmmm fear seems to be a recurring factor here. Maybe us Search/media bloggers should all grow spines and stop flaffing around worrying about what our friends are doing?

heh! Easy to say...


brimming with smugness....

glad i didn't do this one danny! heheh...

Sad but true

What IS this world coming to?


you make me laugh, honestly -- i was going to say something about vanilla ice visiting Yahoo in my post, but i'm so old and out of it these days I didn't know if he's back to being popular still would have people thinking, vanilla who?

Gurtie, Sergey Farted? See, no one blogged that. It's a classic example of how an important story might get missed if we don't get the bandwagon rolling. I'll have to postscript that to a future farted post. Besides, he would never fart, not if my wife was his mother. Farts are simply having a bit of wind, whenever she's around.

rappers love search

nick and danny, you raise good points about balancing the line between "how much coverage is too much coverage", and fear of being seen as out of the loop. but let's also give due respect to covering stuff that's straight from south saturn and funny. broke-ass rapper mc hammer visits google? are you shitting me? without the posts and the pictures, if someone came up and told me that mc hammer went on a tour of the 'plex, i'd be about as likely to believe it as hearing that vanilla ice was hired as a consultant for yahoo. something that bizarre is its own reason to post.

nice mental picture

you've got going on there Gurtie. Holy Schnikeys.


I really did combine farting, sprout eating and oxygen deprivation into one post without thinking about it.

I can't help myself. shoot me now.

oh it would be great

lets register as a combined forum/blog so that there's one single post about stories which are non-deserving of mass attention but you think people should be vaguely aware of - I mean Google Blog Search, anything about maps, everything Brad refers to as a 'Sergey Farted' story, etc etc. Sort of the online equivalent of eating your sprouts.

Deprived of oxygen they might die quietly....

I just thought it was funny

which, in the search world, seems to be rare, because it's SUCH IMPORTANT and LIFE-CHANGING ISSUES all the time (which in all honesty no one really cares about but us.).

Danny if this thing turns

Danny if this thing turns out good, it would be cool to set one up for us to collaborate on - we could then boycott the stupid stuff en masse :)

i dunno...

it's tough. I mean, I looked at that and thought, hmm -- it's probably worth mentioning that the celebrities keep coming by Google just to keep my audience informed about that, since Google's been known for that. In particular, I'm always thinking, what if someone who hits our blog later hears about hammer or whatever and says, "I didn't know that happened." So that's what makes me err toward doing more, so that I'm sure I've delivered stuff up that they may want. But then again, just like you, sometimes I see stuff and think, "that's only going to be news because if enough people mention it, then that makes it news." I mean, if a Hammer hits a Google in a forest and there's no one around to hear???! But there are definitely plenty of times you post something and I think interesting, but not so much for my particular audience just as I know you do the same.

We'll just start a mailing list next time where we can all agree to skip stuff we all want to skip :)

I'm just glad the rest of us

I'm just glad the rest of us search bloggers have you and Danny to cover ALL the events, so we can just focus on what's interesting to us (hopefully our readers will like it, too).