billions of pages, 70 % shit, get back to quality you donuts!

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This is a note to the search engines.

Do you have the first idea as to what is going on in the trenches?

Do you have the first idea where you are vulnerable?

I see scrapers galore, spam content and all sorts of bad stuff.

So forget 100 billion pages, cos if you ever got that far 90 billion would be full of shit.

Quality not quantity please!

I know the share price argument of having the biggest index.

I would like my quality stuff to rank so I can decide to produce more quality instead of producing the crap that I do from time to time.


money makes the world go brown...

I know the share price argument of having the biggest index.

It's a sad fact of life that business only sees money and money only sees quantity, quality is sacraficed, and in extreme cases, at the cost of lives. Think rail contractors whose corner cutting to save money caused the train to crash.

if it all sucks so much,

if it all sucks so much, dont use it, right?


"if it all sucks so much, dont use it, right?"

Oh dear.

Oxygen is carcinogenic but we still have to breathe it.

If there was a valid alternative, it would be taken.

yes, but the value of oxygen

yes, but the value of oxygen outweighs its negatives, and hence we happily go on breathing without complaining. perhaps the same thought process could be applied to search engines?

and of course, there is the other issue that it's easy to complain about the problem -- quite another thing to fix it. similar once again to oxygen's problem in that respect. :)

Sounds like another rallying

Sounds like another rallying call for the death of SEO.

one more to the dark side

Looks like Gimp has fallen....unfortunately this is a thread I have raised several times. To produce crap and make money from it is easier than to produce good stuff, and hence many seo's are just turning to producing rubbish to pay the bills.

If I was clever enough to build a search engine that could tell real content from autogenerated, if I could tell real links from manipulated ones, then I would be rich beyond my wildest dreams. Mind you some people who didn't get it right are rich beyond their wildest dreams.

The wildest west lives on, and the Bush family ended up with some land and oil. The good sherif was forgotten long ago.

Cars that run on water keep getting invented and stuffed into Shell's underground garage.

Sorry just ranting about rubbish.

it's easy to complain about

it's easy to complain about the problem -- quite another thing to fix it.

I keep hearing about numerous phd working hard. Those people with phd's must be awfully clever, so surely they have ways of defeating the dreaded spam?

The point I am trying to make is that there is so much crap out there, if some of the resources could be applied to clearing up the index instead of creating crazy (quite cool though) betas then the search could be better.

Do these phd's even look at commercial searches? I wonder if they do sometimes as they would surely see their index is not that pucka.

Its time to clear that mutha up, forget wasting resources, round up the troops and clean up that spam. You are going to upset a lot of people, so what. I have had clean site mullered :-) so it goes with the territory.

you know, I was just ranting

you know, I was just ranting about this to a friend last night. Last week I noticed over 200 domains and over 100,000 pages re-indexed by the big G. These pages/domains have been 301'd and sitting there for almost 2 years now, de-indexed a long time ago. Not necessarily saying it's indicative of the numbers race between Y and G, but it's still ridiculous.

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