Blog Network Leaves Money on Table

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Blog Network Doesn't Take the Money and Run
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With some of the recent high profile blog network purchases and outrageous blog evaluations we've seen lately, here's comes a story about the 9 Rules Network who didn't take the money

Last week we were offered a "generous" sum of money to fund some of the projects that we wished to work on. Initially, we jumped all over the offer for the simple reason that we continue to tell ourselves that if we could get away from doing client work for a couple of weeks/months then we could dedicate 100% of our time to the stuff we really want to do. After some time though and a lot of discussion we decided to turn down the money mainly because the offer didn't feel right to us. I wish I could say it was an easy decision to make.

hat tip to Randfish at seomoz


Take the money people while

Take the money and run while we are still in Bubble2(tm)!!

Reminds me of this guy in the last money bubble - owner rejects 4.7m offer for domain name - bet he feels a bit daft now....

Horrible position - The

Horrible position - The danger is that the VC looks for another entity to fund instead, thus sweeping the carpet from underneath.

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