Yahoo! Rolls Blogs into News Search

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As expected, Yahoo! have made their blogs move this week, just not in the way we'd imagined. No, no dedicated blog search, not yet at least. What they've done, is rolled blog results into Yahoo! News. They appear as a sidebar to the right, which rather unfortunately makes them look like Search ads. See the results for a Y!News search for WordPress. At the time of writing, you can see Threadwatch as the top result.

From the Y!Blog:

Today we've begun the integration of blogs in Yahoo! News Search. Now when you search on Yahoo! News you will see blog results as well as content from thousands of trusted news sites. The experiences and opinions published on blogs make a great addition to the mainstream news people read everyday. And major world events are further fueling the growth of blogs as platforms for anyone who wants to have a public voice. At times, even everyday bloggers beat the mainstream media to a story.

Despite my slight dissapointment at no dedicated blog search, i do think that rolling them into the news is a damn good idea, but man, not the greatest spot for them i think eh?

Let's hope that comes out of beta soon, and we see the full on blog search, which i understand will come...


More Traditional

The more link seems to give more traditional results although sort by relevance doesn't seem to work. I knocked together a quick search form here.

Call me Mr Thick from the

Call me Mr Thick from the planet thick, but how do I add my news "blog" into Yahoo? I pinged my news site from as directed but nothing doing....

how do I add my news "blog" into Yahoo?

Pretty sure if you get a MyYahoo page and subscribe to your own RSS feed it should work, or use this page:

I'd Call it Behaviour Modification, Yahoo Style


Re: not the greatest spot for them i think eh?

Maybe, just maybe it's the BEST spot for them. Imagine the effect that this will have on paid listing once it takes off.

Eyetracking article from the future:

Now that consumers have become used to scanning and spending time on to the right side of search engines looking to blogs as a source of information, users are spending more time on paid listings.

I look forward to the sensationalized headlines of SEOs up in arms and Yahoo patting itself on the back as well. - lol

Natasha "That Girl From Marketing" Robinson

I think it makes the News

I think it makes the News search more useful, because a lot of people use blogs as an enhancement once they have read the mainstream articles on a subject. That is how I use them, I get the basic facts from the mainstream and then check to see what the commentary is and to find deeper sources of news through blogs. I'll find this Yahoo news/blogs feature very handy.


Hackable URL

I think it will make the news more interesting, and help blogs. However since the first thing Chris did was put up a form to isolate blogs, and the first thing I did was try to figure out the URL, you think they might get the hint people want blogs in isolation?

esoos, thanks - But I've

esoos, thanks - But I've done that already... perhaps they are only allowing really juicy, meaty blog sites instead of small, nice and fluffy ones.

esoos, the wording of the

nutsandbolts, the wording of the text i read suggested they'd integrate it with the cloud eventually. So it makes sense that they're testing it on the juicy ones first.


Good stuff, finally you can get your results for blogsearch in RSS - go to the more link at the bottom, then at the bottom of that page, you'll find your RSS :)

How about relevance?

I've got feeds set up for Technorati, IceRocket and Yahoo, all alerting me to blog posts related to two keywords. What I'm finding so far (I only set it up today) is that Yahoo is giving me updates far more often, but the new posts they're pointing me to aren't what I'm looking for.

It looks like the difference is that at IceRocket and Technorati I'm searching for posts with the keyword in the tag, whereas Yahoo is only looking for the word in the text.

Does anyone see anything at Yahoo about tags?

takes a while for a full index?

looks to me like they're really quick at picking up posts with the search phrase in the title (a couple of hours max) but a lot slower for it in the text - like 10-12 days for full indexing.

That might get a bit quicker for less small, nasty and fluffy blogs than my test sample though :)

They also have a bit of an issue with times - either they don't understand am/pm or the timezone throws them out.

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