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Chris has announced the launch of I've kind of given up posting Search mashups, cos for the most part, any muppet can do it and it's just lost it's cool (if it ever had any) - but man, this is actually very nice!

Check out how you do queries:

Typing that into a mobile phone is very very easy according to Scoble

From Chris' post:

You're going to save time and bandwidth immediately; imagine how long it would take to traverse all those sites just to find the one thing you were looking for!? If you tend to view only the top results for a cursory search, why not just feed you the top results in one easy spot (where you can subsequently subscribe to them)?

Very nice...


need another hampster

He may need to get another hampster on the wheel, the one that's there now doesn't seem to be able to keep up ...

Let's start with one hampster

Seems as if even the current hampster isn't working anymore. Site is down...

Yet another Geek Tool which

Yet another Geek Tool which may attract VC money but will never go mainstream!

So only 6.5K bought that

So only 6.5K bought that server to it's knees? Pretty heavy processing i guess...

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