Verisign buys Moreover, What are they Up to?

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Verisign buys Moreover, What are they Up to?
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Verisign annouced it's buying Moreover, a news content and aggregation service. If you were paying attention last week they also bought from Dave Winer. I don't know if we have enough to connect the dots, but the little voice in the back of my head tells me the two purchases are connected.

Moreover, the online news aggregation and business information service, is being bought out by Verisign, and the reported price is about $25 million. The sale has been in works for a long time and puts to rest all the money and management change the company has seen in about 7-8 years of its existence.


No doubt they are connected.

No doubt they are connected. If Verisign truely has a plan, then I would expect more purchases.

Well, then, the plot thickens...

PayPal to buy merchant division of VeriSign and work with them in endeavors...

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