Why is Google Reader Totally Broken?

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Like many, I've become so used to the perpetual Google Beta that i've started to forgive them a few rough edges when they launch something new. This new rss reader they just launched though, is totally taking the piss. I can't do ANYTHING on it, not a damn thing. All the links seem to go to the same page, nothing works except the tour and it's just wasted 10mins of my TIME.

Holy fucking shit bollocks and poo.

I mean, sure, release something that has a couple of wrinkles to iron out, but at least make sure it has basic functionality!


i thought that...

i initially thought that, but it seems it takes it a while to get things set-up... so far it has taken about half an hour to import around half of my blogline opml listm but i'm beginning to like the interface (i think). once it has all my data imported then i think it may be better than first impressions. i hope.

Competition to bloglines is hugely needed

Bloglines needs to be put out of its misery (or finally prompted to MAJORLY improve its hellish UI).

I'm not betting on Google Reader just yet, frankly, but I'm excited to see it, Rojo, Newsgator online, plus a handful of other promising upstarts. This (and, by larger extension, info management online) is a hugely important issue re: public discourse and conversation, IMHO, and I'm relieved that we're finally seeing more heavyweight competition.

Works for me

I find that it worked quite well - I think you must have got the Beta beta Nick :-)

You may be doing what I did though - you need to subscribe to a feed after you preview it. That bummed me out a bit.

i was just tryign to

i was just tryign to navigate around - all the links where to the page i was already on!

and i was trying to import a feed - nothing, absolutely bloody NOTHING happend at all...

shite, shite i tell ye, off with his head!

Weird. Which browser? Got

Weird. Which browser? Got JavaScript enabled? It complains at you if you don't have it turned on though.

It's working for me

...sort of. I can enter the URL of a feed, it'll display it and allow me to subscribe, and even tag it with a category, but I can't seem to get it to import my feeds. I don't think there's a way to generate an opml file from Sage.

I take that back. Just figured it out. Now I'll see what we can do with this thing.

You guys probably won't have

You guys probably won't have GDS installed, but if this integrates with GDS properly it could be come killer.

Ok, on this page which is

Ok, on this page which is the start page - every single link on the page goes to itself (http://www.google.com/reader/things/intro) is that the same for everyone else?

What's the damn problem here?

and on this search the

and on this search the buttons dont DO ANYTHING

shit shit shit

Seems like *partly* definition issue

the buttons don't DO ANYTHING

On FireFox - Zit, Nada - exactly as Nick describes

On a "Clean Custom Interface" (I.E6, No AJAX or Script obstacles, Cookies enabled, registered Gmail user, Gtoolbar functions)
It Actually Works
Bit Lame, Slow, Needs Clarification, Won't export my Bloglines yet.

I think you have to be

I think you have to be logged into an account to use this thing -- even to examine it.

It imported my feeds ok, although it didn't tell me how far along it was. I gave it about five minutes, gave up, closed the page, and when I reopened it my feeds were all there.

Here's the thing, though: the interface lets you scroll through recent updates to your feeds, and the title lays between two horizontal lines that open up to the full post to the right. But the lines are fixed graphic elements. If you use FF as I do, and you increase text size now and then as I do, then you'll throw it off rather quickly: the thread listed on the left won't match the one on the right.

Yeah, useless on FireFox...

Yeah, useless on FireFox... what a moronic mistake.

The buttons work for me

While the UI is crappy (the acknowledgment of the subscription happening is at the top of the page, which may have been scrolled off), these buttons most certainly work for me in Firefox (1.5b2, in fact).

I played around with it for an hour

and it signed me out, erased all my feeds, then morphed into some weird thing that placed itself over my Firefox tabs - is anyone else seeing that it's really wonky in Firefox?

An hour?

I played with it for about 20 minutes over a couple of times, decided it was too buggy and confusing overall, and added a tickler to my calendar to check it out again in 6 months.

I want to see great things from this app (as always, the more strong competition the better, IMHO), but I've noticed a sort of "Rule of Initial Impressions" with Google apps. Ones that are strong out of the gate (Maps, Gmail) tend to remain pretty usable and strong contenders, whereas apps that start weak (Orkut, Groups) tend to remain weak. Bummer :|

it also choked on all my bloglines subs

imports? a no go at this point. And I agree with you ThatAdamGuy, intial Google offerings that are strong (Google Earth!) do tend to get stronger, but the weak get weaker. What is it with the recent string of new Google rollouts? We're not getting blown away anymore - Google Blog search, Google Talk, now Google Reader. Have we become spoiled or are we just seeing the new Google mass production line?

Google Blog search, Google

Google Blog search, Google Talk, now Google Reader. Have we become spoiled or are we just seeing the new Google mass production line?

Definately not spoiled, they are all weak products.

  • Blog Search - lacking in features, not very good generally
  • GTalk - lacking in features, no sparkle, at least a half dozen much better things out there.
  • Google Reader - not even an alpha release, im surprised the code isn't showing...

Mass production for press coverage - most of the early reports on Google Reader are straight off of their press release, i'd be surprised if 10% of them had tried it before trumpeting it out on blogs and news sites.


We also like to experiment. We like to release early and often.

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