AOL Buys Weblogs INC.

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AOL Buys Weblogs INC.
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Blog overlord Jason Calacanis hits pay dirt by selling Weblogs Inc to AOL

Weblogs Inc, the blog media company founded by Jason Calacanis (pictured at We Media conference today) and Brian Alvey, is being bought by America Online, has learned from multiple sources. The deal is done and should be announced this week...
Among the other companies Weblogs Inc talked to included the usual suspects: News Corp, Yahoo and MSN...

while the official announcemnt has yet to come, it sounds like AOL is ready 'show Jason the money'

How much will Weblogs Inc. cost AOL? One estimate I heard today was roughly $20 million as an earn-out -- to get it all, Weblogs Inc. would have to meet certain goals. But I've also heard talk of Flickr-like numbers, which would make it closer to $30-35 million range. Certainly to Weblogs' execs advantage to have people thinking towards the higher end. Weblogs Inc. revenues are running at $1 million-plus annually from Google AdSense alone, according to numbers jubilantly released by Calacanis on his own blog; during a panel last week he said the company was bringing in $2 million a year.


If its not a spoof congrats

If its not a spoof congrats to Jason.

this is a joke right?

the corporate stereotype purchases the blogsavestheworld stereotype?

And the bloggers will get paid...

more than peanuts now... -lol

bubble bubble

Congratulations Jason, job well done mate :)

Looks a high bid...

..when AOL could start their own system for bloggers anyway.

$1 million turnover, with most coming from a limited number of their (only) 100 bloggers.

Why don't AOL just build their own? Maybe boom days are back again.


why does anyone want to buy that? is AOL that badly in need of traffic?

Denton can't help taking a swipe

For what it's worth, Gawker isn't for sale. The whole point about blogs is that they're not part of big media.

Sour grapes is so unseemly. These two bitch at eachother like a couple of 13yr old girls...

AOL? are you kidding

What the hell will AOL bring to the Weblogs inc brand? Surely this will send the network into the mud. Good on Mr. Calacanis, but sell your AOL stock now! ;)

Inside Word

Just published some more details from an email from WIN co-founder Brian at inside word.

Reuters running it now - for $25 million

Reuters are running the story

America Online is attracted to Weblogs by the advertising opportunities created by adding the 80 sites to AOL's existing network of Internet properties, the source said.

80 sites..more money than sense at AOL!

the math

So that would be about $200,000+ per site?

I wonder if the authors will get a bonus?

If not, then AOL better have strict "key employee" retention terms in it's earnout provisions.

Time to closing down client work

For a few days at least and finally finish those shoot-the-moon web programs.

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