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Will web users ‘Flock’ to social surfing?
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I've been meaning to write about this for ages so it's now about two weeks old but I just thought it was a great example of how repackaging and knowing a journalist or two can create a new story - and I'm going to try really really hard to do it without using the word "sheeple"

New Scientist reports on a new "social web browser"(?) called 'Flock' which is

created to meet the needs of a new generation of web users who want to edit, comment on and share web content, rather than just peruse it.

It's been created by someone who apparantly left Mozilla to make it

By seamlessly integrating tools for blogging, photo blogging and shared bookmarks into the browser, he hopes Flock will be the first browser to meet the needs of the next generation of collaborative, social web users, which currently number over 10 million and call themselves “Web 2.0”.

It's being launched this month and seems to me to be a great example of how combining a few bits of code and knowing a journalist or two can create a new product

Flock is also designed so that as you type your blog and paste photos, you see the blog exactly as it will appear when it is published, a highly desirable and time-saving property known as WYSIWYG (pronounced “whizz-ee-wigg”), for “What You See Is What You Get”.


“It’s still crude but the potential is there,” says Tanglao. A single button lets you switch between the underlying html code, and the WYSIWIG image.


This allows bookmarks to be accessed from any PC and shared to create an index of popular tagged pages that can be searched by other users. This capability is currently provided by the site but is not yet used by many mainstream web surfers.

So there you go. I don't think you could shoehorn more buzzwords into that article if you tried? I would also bet good money this is a description (less the built in toolbar) of the impending Google Browser?


I talked to them a week or

I talked to them a week or two back, supposed to be on their list to get a preview but no damn word yet...

I love the word Sheeple :)

I love the word Sheeple :)

I hate ewe!

I hate ewe!

that was a bahhhhhhhhhhhhhd

that was a bahhhhhhhhhhhhhd joke ;)


I hope you're feeling very sheepish wibblewobble.

BW on Flock

Flock, the New Browser on the Block

BLOGGERS' BOON. Decrem concedes Flock has its work cut out for it -- especially since he's hardly aiming low. He hopes to have 100 million users within five years. "There's not too many people crazy enough to do a browser," he notes with a grin.

The Flock browser, which is expected to be released to the public in test form in about two weeks, does everything a regular browser does, but with several important additions.

For one, it makes blogging a snap by eliminating the need to do arcane coding in order to post, change fonts or add photos. Right click the mouse on a Web page, and a blogging wizard comes up that automatically creates links, citations, and quotes that are ready to insert into a blog. A horizontal bar on the browser also can load photos from the photo-sharing site Flickr, so they can be simply dragged and dropped into the blog post.

It's real, beta soon

It's real, I've used it, and it will probably be talked about more during Web 2.0. There may even be some beta code this week.

Mozilla developer? Drag and drop between web apps?

Flock solves some of this by allowing photos to be simply dragged and dropped from Flickr into the blog.

I haven't seen a reliable drag n drop outside of IE yet (?)

I haven't seen a reliable

I haven't seen a reliable drag n drop outside of IE yet (?)

Try this one in Firefox: - just drag a box around.

(yes, it's like that page - I don't know the guys who made it)


that's three new useful things discovered via TW already today and I've only been awake for 2 hours. Time to quit.

Thanks claus... nice site. I really wondered about drag n drop between web apps...between tabs, between windows, between browsers, etc. A lot of detail to manage, even if only to disallow. but I am less doubtful it can be done after seeing the examples.

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