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Unsurprisingly, it looks very much like Google will indeed be launching a "Google Office" - check out Schmidt and McNealy to make announcement tomorrow and this story surmising the same thing - StarOffice = Google Office.

Or at least something along those lines.

It's late, i'm going to bed dammt..


Google Operating System

You want this web based operating system don't you?
The hate is swelling in you now. Build your Google browser.
Use it. Microsoft is unarmed. Strike them down with it.
Give in to your anger. With each passing
moment, you make yourself more evil.

It is unavoidable. It is your destiny.

Office suites are old hat

Seriously, how old is the word processor? The spreadsheet is almost as old. Microsoft charges an insane amount of money for what is nowadays considered to be the most basic of computer applications.

I hope that this is what Google is announcing; it would be absolutely brilliant, the software is already available, and it would hit Microsoft right in the money basket, one of their most profitable product lines.

Office 2003 Professional should be selling for $99, not $470. It would sell in sufficient volume to cover development and manufacturing costs, and still turn a tidy profit.

StarOffice has struggled to provide competition to MS Office, but hasn't made much headway. With the strength of the Google brand and the accessibility of the web, its not hard to imagine them eroding Microsoft's marketshare into the double digits.

The next version of MS Office is supposed to support XML and PDF natively... does the average user really care about that? Hardly. Google's entry into the market is going to eat up the low-end and it will reposition MS Office further towards the high end as it does.

Morning Nick

I'm now off to bed too, so y'all will have a good look before I do. But if this ain't it, it's probably coming soon. And smart though it would be, I'd say almost a backfill strategy at this point. Control of the Web has shifted away from desktop to search, though of course having both would be nice.

And where the heck is that G browser anyway?

'Course, what I'm not thrilled about is that G will soon be able to take pic's of the top of my head from outer space. 0

and if G promote staroffice,

and if G promote staroffice, will Yahoo! champion OpenOffice?

IMO, having used both, OO is by far the superior product, but it would be very ungoogle to go down that route, not when they could own staroffice - arrogant fools...

OpenOffice and StarOffice

OpenOffice and StarOffice are the same, aren't they? Same rendering engine, different skin.

The problem with Word Processors is MS's dominance and proprietary file format. Unless Google can work around that (possible but tricky) or leverage their popularity enough that people start to use a non-proprietary, open, file format (difficult but possible, and likely to be Google's aim, given that that would allow them to make documents on PCs or the web properly searchable) like .odt, then they're unlikely to make any headway.

I was wondering that as i

I was wondering that as i wrote it Dave

I seem to recall something like that - but i do remember the last time i used SO it sucked, and i currently use OO and it's great...

Not 100% certain, but if they're compatible at least, then it matters not i guess...

My hope

I hope this is a stable browser based product that can also be used offline (eg. java). Something simple enough for a normal user to use as their main word processor (apparently less than 20% of words features are used in normal usage) and easy for a schoolkid or your gran to learn. I love Microsoft and dont want to see their oxygen supply removed but I think the sooner they remove their reliance on windows and office licenses the better for everyone. I would prefer it if it was an open source effort rather than a Google "owned" project too.

Another side of the coin

Here's Rick Segals take on the whole "web app" debate: We need popcorn. I read it before opening Threadwatch today. He's right - desktop apps are not likely to disappear anytime soon.

Amazing. I didn't know this guy until Nick mentioned him yesterday, but the things he write are generally very close to my own thoughts.

Gotta edit this post, as it seems something I responded to has now been edited - I'm not sure who posted it, so I'll just forget it. But then, I saw this:

I think the sooner they remove their reliance on windows and office licenses the better for everyone.

Those two fields are Microsofts major sources of income. Removing their reliance on those are very unlikely.

Competition in the field - driving product development up and prices down - is most needed, but... it's already here, isn't it? I just find it odd that products that are literally given away for free - and very good products at that - are not more used than they seem to be.

I personally do some development for the MS Office suite - that's what my customers have, so that's what I use. Those customers are firms, real firms with lots of employees, so they would save several thousands of $currency (at least) by switching to one of the free products.

Perhaps all the open source movement need is a big marketing machine? Or, as it might be, another megabrand taking up the competition, as "free" obviously isn't quite enough.

10:30 a.m. PT/1:30 p.m. ET

When is that in central European time?

Anybody care to D/L the stream, make it an mp3, and sticky me a link? I haven't got the Real Player app... yes, I know it's free...

Just to clarify

I do not advocate Microsoft dumping office and windows. I just think they factor too heavily in their thinking in completely unrelated areas "ok, web browser. How does this affect our windows monopoly" rather than "how can we make a great product our customers will love" etc. I also think it ties MS down to a big iron way of thinking and working. Smaller business units might work just as well. I am a Microsoft fan, I want to see them do well. I think their biggest assets are also the biggest things holding them back, they are addicted to their software license tax.

@claus 19:30 should it be.

19:30 should it be.


Can someone keep an eye on that if you have time? I dont have REAL, and dont want it either - but it'd be good to get the full skinny in this thread so we can write something up for the homepage...

or, if you'd like to write it up as a story, go right ahead of course!


No go...

I was late to the broadcast (by about 15 minutes), but it doesn't look like Google Office is here yet. Eric Schmidt says that Google is going to help the distribution of OpenOffice, but IS NOT announcing OO as a web-based service.

I get the feeling that the online community got way too far ahead of this story...

WSJ reports

They had a small piece on it just now.

All they had to say of worth was....

The agreement, whose terms were not disclosed, is designed to make it easier for users to obtain such products as the productivity software, Google's toolbar software for Web browsers, and Sun's Java programming language.

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