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"Rotating" AdSense ads with images test
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Trillianjedi started this thread at WMW many months ago, where he details an experiment on a forum site of only putting in the AdSense ads for once in every ten page views by punters. The remaining 9 views have a photograph instead of the ads. The thread has now been updated to say that the best results are obtained by not showing AdSense for the first 5 pages views, then on the 6th page view, and every 6 pages thereafter.

CTR has skyrocketed. I'm not going to say too much about figures to keep inline with the AdSense TOS, but the bottom line is that the bottom line has increased. Substantially enough to take a comfortably breaking even site into the comfortably profitable zone. AdSense page views are, naturally, down but the overall money generated is very up.

If you run a forum, but are not making money on AdSense , it may be worth a try. AdSense blindness is certainly relevant for me at TW, never notice the things here.


certainly relevant for me at

certainly relevant for me at TW, never notice the things here

Nor are you supposed to though :)

Im not really very interested in monetizing the regular membership with Adsense - i use it just to show to non-logged in members, and only after a post is a day old. If you log out, and click a post over a day old you'll see a big old block right under the title of each post - it does about 3% on average, which isn't to shabby considering the type of site.

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