Mesothelioma Case Study

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Mesothelioma - An SEO Case Study
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Is running a Mesothelioma seo case study a cynical grab for some high paying adsense keywords? Of course it is, but it's funny, and i don't begrudge him the adsense $$$'s...

If you run adsense and extensively quote this post (please link to the above URL), there is a very good chance of a $25 adword running on your site.

This, my art, is both original content and a work in progress. Your critiques and suggestions are welcome.

hehe.. fucking clown... :)


Mesothelioma may be

Mesothelioma may be overpopularized and oversaturated but it is still profitable for lawyers. Here is a simplified example. A daily ppc spend of $80k will get around 1400 clicks. Assuming the lawyer can convert at least 1 of these clicks into a viable case, the lawyer will get a high 6 figure or million dollar settlement. Since most lawyers charge a 30% contingency fee, they look to make at least $200k with a $80k ad spend.

This is just funneh! Those

This is just funneh! Those guys are so evil, its fun.

daily ppc spend of $80k

That is a lot of money. And doing that for 2,5 days will burn $200K. I really don't believe their "churn" (if one can speak of churn in that business) averages out to one won asbestos case per two and a half days. IANAL, but something don't add up.

Why is Judge Judy a picture

Why is Judge Judy a picture on the page? That absolutely cracks me up.

Dont forget the dollars :P

Dont forget the dollars :P

Typical black hat ...

... always two years behind the news.

He's probably got black text under that black background, too.

What a w*nk*r.

calling the kettle black

Yeah he's a wanker.. just like the million dollar homepage guy ($210k in a month? far?). I remember when Steve Chase was spamming Usenet to start up AOL... long before he bought Time Warner. Spam wasn't even a word, and most people still though the Internet was non-commercial then. What a wanker he was, too.

Oh, and then there was Mark Cuban writing all those self-promoting articles in Computer Shopper or whatever,probably as part of his "day job". I remember reading his 2 pararaphs on how streaming audio was going to be big. It was typical self-serving trade rag editorial as I recall. About 2 years before he managed the largest IPO in freakin history. What a wanker.

"always behind two years"... yeah. You'd expose your *current* stuff on a high-profile self-proclaimed Black Hat SEO Site, right?

"why Judge Judy..." well how about because she is a celebrity and has a lowered right to privacy/publicity? Lawyers (and judges are lawyers, btw) get free legal services and like to sue. You'd put a picture of Chief Justice Roberts, perhaps?

I just dont think

I just dont think the blackhat site is really all that. I am suprised Nick follows it with such enthusiasm.

I think we established he's

I think we established he's not as knowledgeable as you might think a while back, but it's a fun post for a friday...

Cant stand to read the whole

Cant stand to read the whole post when it is made in grey/red text on a black background, yuck :(

speaking of the milliondollarhomepage

Did anybody else spot the little block (yellow background with a pink hyphen two blocks under the P in 'Buy Pixels') which leads straight to a page with mesothelioma adsense ads and little else? Reckon he's made back his $100?

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