Google WIFI and the $100 Laptop

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MIT’s One Laptop per Child Movement Sponsored By Google
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Loren has an interesting take on the $100 laptop story: Will GOOG fund global wifi and distribute access amongst the 1 computer per child global campaign?

ith Global Google Wi-fi or the GoogleNet. If Google, in the next three years can fund the research behind building these wi-fi ready inexpensive laptops, they more than likely will be able to offer a global wi-fi service by then. With rumors of the GoogleNet and Google Wi-fi in the works and their latest partnership with NASA, I highly expect Google to announce some sort of global wi-fi or satellite based Internet connection for the world’s poor to be announced once this One Laptop per Child program becomes a reality, which it hopefully will. Funded, by Google AdWords.

Not entirely unbelievable given their recent tie in with NASA eh?


$100 computers + Satellite WiFi + Google = Global Mind Control

Think I'm crazy? For a good, thought provoking laugh, read more here:

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