Quite a day...

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I think that must be the most posts we've had in one day since we started. 22 posts, wow... and not too many mingers either :)

Did you guys know that TW is 1yr old on Monday...?


Quite a Year!

This should be a weekend of feast and celebration then…
Nick – You sure managed to turn my working and “info hunt” habits upside down,
My perspective is wider,
My skills are better.

I should thank you for this ( I think :-] )


You've clearly done a great job here, Nick. Well done.

Thanks, but im going to do a

Thanks, but im going to do a thread on Monday, and was planning to thank all you lot heh...

Just funny how time flys eh?

Sure, sometimes time is funny

Sure, sometimes time is funny
However it's not that funny when I look at the mirror...

Congrats, Nick!

You've got a great community. Thanks.

"Time flies when you're having fun."


"Times fun when you're having flies."

Ducking and running now.

On time

1) Today, now is today,
2) Today, tomorrow is future,
3) Tomorrow, now is today,
4) Tomorrow, tomorrow is future,
5) Tomorrow, yesterday is today.

Almost a poem, right?

Anyway, now is today (today, yesterday tomorrow), ie. it's always now, and future just never happens. Weird stuff.


I still think we should have a party :)

At the very least a co-ordinated "Raise your glasses" at the end of the first Euro Webmaster Radio show, if you're reading Mikkel or Dave :)

Euro Webmaster Radio show

Euro Webmaster Radio show? What's that?

Congratulations Nick! We

Congratulations Nick! We want some pictures of the family including the chickens and dogs for that birthday announcment. :)

Congrats Nick

Congrats Nick! Where and when is the party? ;)

Great site

Threadwatch is my first stop each morning. What I enjoy the most is the no-holds-barred approach.

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