Google Causing Havock with 302's on MSN

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Google 302 and MSN
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You know, i think a lot of people are starting to get just a little bit sick of Google's disregard for redirects. Their handling of 302 redirects has caused untold amount of grief for websites these past few years, and now we find, thanks again to DaveN, that Froogle's incorrect handling of redirection is causing MSN to hijack results.

I know I can be a bit anti-google on occasion, but i don't think it's wrong to point the finger of blame at them rather than MSN for this farcical situation.

It does have to be said though, that like Google, MSN need to think about how they handle redirects.

DaveN originally posted this, but Danny's write up is a little easier to understand. The short version goes like this:

  • Google are using a 302 rather than a 301 to redirect clicks out of Froogle UK
  • The 302 is causing MSN results to "Hijack" domains. MSN thinks they're hosted at Google Groups - and as Danny points out, that's a whole nother kettle of weird shit..

Was there a call for a Standard on handling redirects on Search engines? I believe there was, I think it's time these monkeys were all locked in a room and not allowed out till they'd reached an agreement dont you?


monkeys locked in a room...

depending on your myth of choice, would either produce the works of Shakespeare or a fair amount of threwn feces.

I think Google and Yahoo

I think Google and Yahoo throw enough shit at eachother already heh..


It seems MSN has still got the same problems as Google had before they put their recent "fix" into place. (Not saying that fix solved all the problems Google had, just saying that it was worse before).

But I'm not sure what happens with the click tracking scripts making MSN confuse shops with Google Groups. Perhaps the script is hosted with G Groups?

Just visited DaveN to take a look. The redirect script is hosted with G Groups.

Added (II):
I guess "one american edu" will soon be listed as root domain for all kinds of odd things on MSN.

"it's time these monkeys were all locked in a room "

I think the real problerm with redirects, 302s, dup filters, etc, etc, is that it is very difficult for the average webmaster, let alone average punter, to really understand what is going on with them.

Hence they get swept under the carpet. We can talk about them on TW or any specialist forum, until we are blue in the face, but only when its picked up by main stream media and told in terms the average punter can grasp, does anything ever happen.

Until then those monkeys in that locked room go on eating the bananas and ignoring the outside world.

So MSN lists a Google

So MSN lists a Google redirected site as belonging to Google Groups. A Google problem causing problems in MSN.

I think that's not enough. We should have more fun. Earlier this Yahoo search: showed MSN's cache (!) as being the correct URL for "Batman Bedding" ... MSN indexes and caches Google redirected Froogle links under Google Groups, while Yahoo has a look at MSN's cache.

This "we got a really big index, man!" is making so much more sense all of a sudden...

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