Yahoo Site Explorer?

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Coming soon ... coming soon ... ? ... not coming at all.

- is, for me, 302'ing to Yahoo advanced search at Anyone else?


Yes.... I did actually ask

Yes.... I did actually ask Tim about this a week ago. The official line is still "coming soon". They have been fecking around with where that page goes though. I've seen it go to the adv. search page, to a holding page, and just break, as *someone* has clearly been sodding around with the server / DNS settings. I hope that's a sign that advanced testing is going on...

Works just fine for me.

Works just fine for me.

Works fine for everyone....

Works fine for everyone.... now :) Launched just in time for PubCon? I know what I'm going to be talking to people about this afternoon....

Neat toy

I've played a few minutes with the neat new toy. Seems I'm a greedy geek, since my rundown is a wish list ;)

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