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Adsense testing new feature
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Google adsense are testing a new feature called Advertise on this site which places a link in Adsense spots that allows advertisers to advertise on that particular site.

Google Adsense are testing a new Adsense feature called ‘Advertise on this site’ which you can see in action on some pages at ask the builder. I’ve included this screen capture and have highlighted the link that sends advertisers to this page where they are told about the site and then invited to sign up as an advertiser for it through Adwords. You should be able to see it on the top/middle adsense on this site


I love this.

I hope it gets past testing and Google adopts it fast with a serious commitment. Wonderful idea (selling CPM direct to targeted sites). Go Google.

/sarc. The warning signs are everywhere, no?

Sheesh, i hope they give

Sheesh, i hope they give adsense publishers a way to opt out. Site targeting is bad enough without making it that fucking easy...

Opt out

No different than it was before. Just use the competitive ad filter. Type in and Andy's toast ;)

Thing is though, as a

Thing is though, as a publisher, i could be doing that all damn day long if they're advertising the fact people can do it on my website, without giving me an opt-out

opt-out/opt-in - here we go again...

Hurry up YPN!

I guess I'm not sure what

I guess I'm not sure what 'opt out' you want. Opt out of G advertising the site target option? Or opt out of site target altogether?

And yeah, it would be nice to be able to opt out of site target.

all together would be

all together would be prefered i think jim..

I think for many publishers,

I think for many publishers, if their adspace was desirable enough to opt-in, then it's desirable enough to pay proper advertising rates direct to the publisher instead of often lower AdSense rates.

All The More For Those That Stay ...

The more publishers that opt out of adsense, the better for me - my earnings doubled in September (having been pretty steady for six months), so either people are choosing to use these new scams - sorry, schemes - or Big G is finding a whole lot of new adword users. And it was fairly consistent throughout the month, though still rising very slightly.

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There's an active discussion going on at Webmasterworld

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