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Profit margin for return/refund policy
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Its a good subject, really more business 101 than www 101 but enlightend by;

"As a whole, most e-commerce customers don't return products, but feel that the ABILITY to do so is vital. It's like a buffet... nobody ever eats $10 worth of food, but they like that they could if they wanted to."

Deab has a great point too, turn a legal obligation into a selling point. [I believe our American comrades would call that a win-win scenario].



After reading Jay Abrahams book on "Getting all you can out of all you have" we started to do this in my mums little furniture shop in surrey.

Since about April this year (i think) she has had a 30day no questions asked return policy and uses it as a selling point. If she sees a couple umming and ahhing over some piece she tells them that if they get it home and it doesnt fit, or if they just decide that they dont like it after all, they can just bring it back. No quibble, no fuss, just bring it back in good condition and get a refund straight away.

It works beautifully. People feel confident, safe and assured and sales went up. To date, i think she's only had a couple of returns and i think they ended up changing color or buying somthing else anyway.

Taking away barriers to purchasing is very effective (duh...) - If the punter feels there is no risk they really will part with the cash a lot quicker :)

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