Brits confuse blogging for dogging.

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Dogging, Blogging, Happy Slapping, and the UK.
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"When I asked the panel whether people were talking about blogging, they thought I meant dogging," said Sarah Carter, the planning director at ad firm DDB London.

Dogging is the phenomenon of watching couples have sex in semi-secluded places such as out-of-town car parks. News of such events are often spread on Web sites or by using mobile phone text messages."

I still want to know who's going to bring this phenomenon to the US. Dogging that is...

Anyone want to wager?



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I bet they do.

Except the bloggers, that do it the other way round ;)

Silicon's Weekly Roundup addition

From their weekly email

The tabloid-friendly term "happy-slapper" - and no, we're not still talking about the hairdressers but rather the practice of assaulting somebody while recording it on a video phone - did find favour with the pint pullers and their peers.

According to research carried out by somebody with far too much time on their hands (or possibly just somebody who was getting a taxi from the hairdressers to the pub when a lazy idea came to them), 56 per cent of respondents knew what happy-slapping is, compared to the 70 per cent who are oblivious to blogging and 90 per cent who might respond "what-casting?" when confronted withpodcasting.

A spokeswoman for the compilers, ad agency DDB London, told Reuters: "Our research not only shows that there is no buzz about blogging and podcasting outside of our media industry bubble but also that people have no understanding of what the words mean. It's a real wake-up call."

They need a call to wake up?

Here's one then: Dr. Phil

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