Google Classifieds

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Both Greg and Staci are reporting on the client newsletter sent out by Classified Intelligence's Peter Zollman that puts substance to long standing rumours that Google want IN on classifieds Search.

Greg said:

What will be interesting to see is whether Google tries to create a special classifieds marketplace separate from search results (a la Google Local). eBay has made a big push into classifieds lately and several classifieds aggregators have emerged (e.g., Indeed, Oodle). And then, of course, there’s Craigslist.

and Staci said

Richard Castellini, CareerBuilder VP-consumer marketing, told CIR talks are continuing and that Goole hasn't shared its timetable. Terry Baker, Adicio VP-sales and marketing, said his company is working on a coordinated response with affiliates with sites powered by CareerCast; that includes Dow Jones and NYTCO. As far as he knows, none of them have decided to cooperate with Google. Google's discussions aren't limited to recruiting sites.

Apparently they are asking for direct feeds from classifieds companies.

This could have enormous effect on what has just effectively become the prime competition: Craigslist, eBay, Newspapers - it's just one more niche for the GOOG jugernaut to bulldoze it's way into i guess.

From a press release from CIR

"Anytime an online giant like Google does something of this magnitude, it's going to change the classified landscape and up the ante for everyone else in the field," said Peter M. Zollman, founding principal and executive editor of Classified Intelligence LLC. "It's not about threat or blessing. It's about changing online choices, about new options for consumers, and about companies competing to provide better services to buyers and sellers. That's got to be good for everyone.

"But Google will not find that the existing competitors - newspapers, Craigslist, and AOL just to name a few - are easily dissuaded from their hard-won audiences."

You know, i just get a bad feeling when i see these kinds of headlines. Google want everything, and apart from the systematic destruction of yet another niche market with specialized players, people and consumers, it's just one more step toward the Googlezon horror of total information domination by one giant CORP.

Crikey, i've not even had a bloody coffee yet and im already pissed off.. hehe..