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Seth is giving away free passes to eComExpo. Just follow the instructions and get a free pass to the event in October. By the way, it's a virtual conference, so i expect to see you all there ok? hehe...


can't navigate that site

You can't even navigate that expo site as everything is just these green puzzle bricks. What were the f***ers thinking? Sure, do your website navigation in Flash... sheesh

So, what's the expo about? The main page at sure isn't very informative...


claus, I wondered exactly the same thing and went digging.. the offical homepage is here:

.. though it sucks when you don't even rank #1 for your own name :)

Site is questionable...idea is sound

I'd agree that they need to solicit some advice from their speakers on their website, but the overall idea is a very good one in my opinion. Looks pretty promising, and hard to beat that price (especially free!).

Pretty awesome platform

Once you actually get into the Expo it's pretty amazing! After 20+ years of traditional brick and mortal trade shows in the high tech industry, I really was not looking forward to my 1st Expo. Thought it would be very impersonal and didn't see how I could benefit from networking at an online show.

The interactivity and the whole thing was astonishing! I was in and out of booths, having live chat with several people at a time and passing out Vcards to everyone that walked by just like at a regular trade show. It was really quite interesting after I got used to it. TIPS: Use IE (I know - boo), test your system before the show - make up your Vcards before the show so you are ready.

I gave away all my free tickets today. If Seth runs out of tickets Shawn Collins did have 250 and may have some left. You can try to snag some here:

Looking forward to see a bunch of you at the show.

I can't say that im

I can't say that im impressed with that html email they send out...

I am looking forward to it though, where can i get a vcard? or how do i make one?


If I remember right, the day before they give you access so you can get ready. Oh, but I was an exhibitor last year, so maybe that was just for exhibitors. Hmmmm, I was just looking at all the help docs and FAQ which were NOT very helpful! I think the Vcard must be generated from your profile so have that filled out or at least have your little promo already written and ready to add the day of the show. Also remember there are lots of giveaways you can win by visiting booths and stuff.

Great price, free...thanx Seth and Nick

Well, I'm looking forward to my first online expo - this seems to be a great way to get all the benefits of an expo without all the expensive travel costs. Thanks again.


vCard and vCalendar are both standards:

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