Google Experiment with "Remove Result" Feature

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Google Testing Remove Results Feature
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You've played with the voting buttons in the Google toolbar? If so, you'll be interested in this new experiment reported on the SEW blog:

Google's testing a new option letting a small percentage of people remove results they don't like from their own personalized search results

More info at if people are interested. I'll leave it to you discuss the pros and cons, but it's a fun experiment. It's gratifying to watch disliked sites disappear into day-glo yellow. :)


US only?

I can't get it to work.

Do you...

...have the Search Personalisation option enabled? I don't, so I don't know (without reading lots of stuff) if it's that or a US-only thing. Fact is I don't see the "block" option either. That said: being a webmaster and SEO, I'd NEVER block a site. That's like sticking your head in the sand...

I added some info

Sebastian, I added a question/answer with a walkthrough and a screenshot for anyone that wants to try it out.


You've played with the voting buttons in the Google toolbar?

>You've played with the voting buttons in the Google toolbar?

Nope. Uninstalled it a very long time ago.

This smells a lot like the Yahoo thing just launched.

I only saw it when I signed

I only saw it when I signed into my G search account (with tinfoil hat firmly in place).

I can't get it logged in or

I can't get it logged in or not.

And yes, it's MyWeb2 type thing..

Good call imo, just cos yahoo beat them to it doesn't mean it should be there, its a good thing for SERPS in general


is the Matt blog now the official place for Google announcements? only there's no announcement on the googleblog and I can't see a press release so I'm guessing that perhaps it is?


Matt, can I ask a small

Matt, can I ask a small favour please ?

To save me some hassle (and I am sure you guys at the plex too) and inconvenience can I please have about 100k Google accounts to play with in an automated fashion.

I'll be honest and I don't want to go through all the grief of setting them up manually and as yet haven't been bothered to automate it but when all is said and done I guess I am lazy, but I can now see a real need for that many accounts and I suppose the worst you can say is no, but I guess you don't get anything unless you ask :)

BTW, whoever came up with the idea (at G, Y or wherever) well done. I for one think it's a great idea for the users, for you at the search companies and ultimately for me too :)

As a good friend said to me recently "Get to number 101 and remove the 100 sites above you!"

Only 100K?

Well, guess you can't ask for too many at one time, folks at the 'Plex might think your up to something, ummm, not within Google's guidelines.


JasonD: no, I won't give you 100K free accounts. Thanks for asking so nicely though. :)

However, if you want to discuss your 100% foolproof way to utterly defeat all linkspam for now and forever, you're welcome to stop by the Plex and we can talk about it over lunch.

However, if you want to

However, if you want to discuss your 100% foolproof way to utterly defeat all linkspam for now and forever, you're welcome to stop by the Plex and we can talk about it over lunch.

Are you buying? :P


Are you buying?

I thought lunch at the plex was free

Who said I meant lunch ? :)

Who said I meant lunch ? :)


The lunch is free, but that's all I'm buying. ;)


That's the only thing I learned in the Econ class during my years in college. Hehe.

Supply & Demand

I learned enough in Econ classes to know that Google (through Adsense) is paying for a lot of the spam I see in search results. I've also learned enough from looking at Adsense reports to know that intercepted search traffic has a higher CTR and payout than ads that appear in real content.

Poor Matt... try as he might, he can't change the fact that his employer is paying for more R&D in how to do link spamming, than they are spending on R&D to stop it. This is Cathedral vs. Bazaar all over again, only this time the Cathedral is footing the bill.

Great! ... and a request

That's a great toy Matt, I hope it becomes permanent. Also, I hope that you roll it out to everyone.

One question and one request:

Q: Can you reset your blocking of individual sites?

I've got one small request that I hope you can pass on. The feature you write that you like the best is also my own favorite, but it's not quite brutal enough:

In your example you can block "". Now, when I am in a situation where I want to do that, I will typically want to block the whole second-level domain in stead. Ie. the top level host "" and not just the individual subdomain.

(Yes I know about free hosts and the chance of blocking something that should not have been blocked, but please allow me the risk of making mistakes ;-)

link spamming is dead

Just remove anyone who is better than you:)

So now who wins is the cleverest to get their competitors removed.

Will it be the best "creator" is no longer the winner, but the best destroyer?


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