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Media Training Tomorrow
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A sad day for fans of Yahoo's Jermemy Zawodny's blog. The days of free thinking are sadly at an end as under protestation Jeremy finally joins the Yahoo! borg. He begins media training today, where he will the learn the noble arts of bullshitting the public, avoiding the issues, taking 10mins to NOT answer a direct question, and how to get that all important twinkly bit in his smile for the cameras...

Being the idiot I am, I opened my big mouth a couple weeks ago when I should have just kept quiet. When someone was talking about "all these people who've never been through media training and are representing us at conferences..." I remarked that I've never been through the official brainwashing media training.

PR Person: You haven't?!?

Me: (uh oh)

As a result, I'm spending all day Friday in a small room with some other folks for media training. Well, except for lunch. I'm supposed to have lunch with Simon before he heads back to London.

hehe! Good luck mate, see (the new) you after it's done!

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Dang, the pod people finally

Dang, the pod people finally got Jeremy too. So sad.

eric emotion

I've been to that site a number of times, has to be one of the best sites on the net - shame it hasn't been updated for a while.

As for Jeremy - Good luck!

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